Jermey Edmonson


This Is A Sigmas World But It Would Be Nothing Without A Zeta. DoveLove Phibetasigma Zetaphibeta Blueandwhite
People Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend(s) -? Water Sunchips Garden Salsa
A Day Without Sunshine Is Like You Know..... Night ??
This Place Has Taught Me That It Is Okay To Be Human. To Love, Laugh, Cry, Be Frustrated && Everything In Between. Funny Thing Is How Many Times I Said I Couldn't Stand This Place. But Truth Is I Wouldn't Be Standing Where I'm At If it Wasn't For This Place! It's Not Popular && For Some Odd Reason I Think Over Half Of The United States Doesn't Know Where It's Located. ?. My Journey In Las Cruces Will Come To An End Soon But I Won't Ever Forget That That Is Where I Actually Found Myself, Realized Who I Am, What I Am Capable Of && What I Will Do. -? HUMANITY Truestory Educated Dance NMSU Thankful
Someone Woke Up Early This Morning Took The Pieces Of The Sky && Created This Morning -?
Choose A Star It Might Be An Opening To Heaven . Because There Are No Extra Pieces In This Universe -?
Part 3. Truth Present Now YouWillGetIt Love
Part 2. Life Truth Present Now YouWillGetIt
Part 1. Life Truth Love Now Present YouWillGetIt
50 Nuances de l'or
SurfboardT Dance Seattle Versatile BootsAreHeavy NMSUTrainedMe NMSU
? Leaders Followers ThisAintTwitter Enoughsaid
Fact But So False
Memories. Of. A. Sunset. Boy.
? Repost
I Literally Fell In Love With This Baby A Hulk. Hulksmash Marvel
It's Happened && Still Happening. Dance Individual Repost ???
9 Years Running The Game..... Guess That's Why Our Feet Hurt. ???
Things Like This Inspire Me ?☺?☺? Thank You
Got Damn It I'm Comfortable In My Skin ? Workout Dancer Dance Frohawk
Mom && Son.
Well How Would You Know? When Everything Around Is Changing Like The Weather Of A Big Black Storm. ?
Let Me Fall Out Of Love 1st ?
Repost Truestory Truthbetold Shrugs
I Miss This Kid. MBM MaleBabyMonday Teamjerjer TeamCurlz
Where I Stayed For The Last 2 Days ?
He Said I'm Black ?
Happy Birthday Joe Ray Bans
Did You Think The Lion Was Sleeping Because He Didnt Roar? -Friedrich Schiller
Say Something I'm Giving Up On You. Headless Speechless Stillness Airhead
I Am What I Am. I'm Going To Be Who I Be.
What You Said? What's Up? Cant Hear Yall. Oh Thought You Was Talking To Us. LasCruces Elpaso Dance CauseRevolution