jenessa cyr


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I Look Like I Don't Have Any Eyes, But Fuck It Right. (;
My Reason For Being Fatt.  Lol
My Nigga Is Fly. Lmfaooo
My Mind Is Always Somewhere Else.
All I Can Do Is Think Of You And How Much I Miss You.
My Canoli From Mozzicato's This Is The Best! (:
Me And My Baby Before I Bring Him Home! (:
My Boy! <3
How Me And Ayden Slept Last Night! <3 (:
Laying Down Eating This Good Ass Apple Pie
I Would Take A Bullet For Both Of These People, My Grandmother And My Baby! <3 I Love Them To Death! <3 (::
My Favorite Man Ever. He Is The Only Male I Will Be Around For Nomatter What Happeneds! <3
My Head Was Looking Crazy But It Came Out Cutee! (:
Its Blurry But Fuck It My Bowl Of Cookies.
Just Woke Up, Bringing My Brother And Sister To The Bus,
My Chicken Nuggets And Ketchup Best Dinner Ever! (:
Look At My Eyes I Had To Try To Keep Them Open As Best As I Could Around My Mother. Lmfaoo
I Love How My Eyes Look After Im Done Crying. ^.^
My Hair. :x
This Is Me And Idc What You Think. (:
My Eyes Though. <3
Hanging Out