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chill w. DA bulls
S/O to the homie @ls1_j for the post! Had to repost this!
When you meet the right person you just know and this is how you feel... I got you as long as you trust me....
The treasures in life aren't how much money you have our how big your house is our even how many vacations you could go on.... But it's those little moments when you realize someone is looking up to you and you have to make a decision of what knowledge and wisdom you have to pass on...I love my nieces and nephews... And until I have my own I'm goon to be that example to my Lil ones like their my own....
morning fuel....
Gm  Morningthoughts Whatmattersmore or Whomattersmore CanIhavethebestofboth GoHardforGodthenyourself
S/O to to my hood..57th ....who would have imagine this day would come..couldn't do it without my folks holding me and my family down....I ain't got nothing but unconditional love for errbody from the struggles of 57th...I need all my folks to come down to the A and celebrate.... Wanna see a tour bus pull up wit nothing but 57 on it! RIP Lil Bro...He helped me through all of this! May10th 57thOnly IamMyHood Bout2Stunt Whobutus ComingHome HoodShare IRep StayonOne
Latepost look at my mama looking young and innocent watching the bulls game....Love this Lady to LIFE!
A tired brother... GN
Drank up fool...
We in this joint... Every year bulls hawks.... Here in the spirit
Mama caught me tripping...looking for the door... But I fix wit it tho...
Leg hanging out the window.... You ain't got these on! BullsGame Exclusive
Bout to be on one wit @kay_lee_jay_ .... Insert caption here....
W/ @styleandscholarship after the epic Whoiskillermike convo.... Such a strong influence on the culture of hip hop and education...
InstantClassic @killermikegto @styleandscholarship & @alonzoacrimcuee 2gether... After a great conversation so proud of PowerofStudents for the vision!
PowerofStudents q&a mike dropping knowledge... @killermikegto @styleandscholarship @alonzoacrimcuee
PowerofStudents Q and A.... @killermikegto DeepConvo
@killermikegto "There's nothing wrong with Ratchetry " PowerofStudents
PowerofStudents talking about tonight's events with @killermikegto @styleandscholarship ....7p Dahlberg Hall...
TBT  one of my passions I chose to pick back up last night after years and years of neglect...and I feel every bit of that decision today...I fell on my ass hard and now I'm debating today's events.. Smh
Never has a simple structure kept me so inspired.... ThinkinMan KeepThinking Nevergiveup Bestill GodsPlan CanUhear
Up early takin MyPledge strappin my boots up...come out tonite at 7p w/ ATL's own @killermikegto and Hip Hop educator @styleandscholarship as they speak about RapMusic Education Community voice powerofstudents whoiskillermike
Setting up for @killermikegto to come and shut it down... @alonzoacrimcuee
Groundbreaking technology.... The true smartphone.... I gotta do ish myself!
Happy Sunday folks...it's a great day...u wanna know why...its @im_justash bday...my ROD...She left me in Atlanta to get into trouble...no one to talk sense into me now....i love her to LIFE!!! No matter what i know she has my back...
Repost from @rich_reckless57 .....u ain't never lied!
More opportunities than I can imagine...GodGotMyBack
Follow my homegirl @oshunloveshoney and her brand Majik ....any fashion need she can meet it! Holla @ her!
Rockin out with @oshunloveshoney... Bow Tie & Pocket Square... Majik
Wit my two bros.... latepost!
Listeningparty Whoiskillermikepos 2.18.14 ...lets discuss @killermikegto @alonzoacrimcuee
Its about to go down....2.18.14 PowerofStudents KillerMike GSU CrimCenter IPledgeAllegianceToTheGrind RapMusic
At church...Mother slangin those mints...I'll take 2!!! Yup
Pop, Cousin Moses, and Myself....
This was just handed to me....What do you think their occupation is?!
Say no mo...
Repost...still got my lil bro wit me errday! FamilyIsEverything
The struggle is real...Ineedadriver
My old man Joseph and my youngin going man Liam Joseph
Moment of disrespect...opens the door and he almost falls out
Part 2
We were talkin but this is what happen....Feelin some kinda way! On the road again! Wake yo ass up lil boy! I wanna go night night too! What he doesn't know is he bout to be on blast on IG!
S/O 2 @kiras_mommy25 ...a special young lady in her own way...follow her and her dopeness...
What happens when you pull the fire alarm on life....JustHowIFeel OnlyGodCanHelpMeNow Onmyway TrueEmergency
Decisions, Decisions....Coolsocks 2MeAnyway ThatsJustHowIFeel 2Choices WellIAlreadyChose ButWhatUThink RandomButIMissHer Ready4Weekend NoHalloween JustFly JustInCaseYou4got
Not today! Not today! Woooosahh!