Jefri Setyo Putro


Shadow in the
ex industri
look at the
growth of the
mushrooms in
satellite radio
month over the
original two
a collection of
Volcano from
twigs dry Sky
village Farmer
play together
street market
price boards
matches Matches
red shoes
a jug of water
A look of hope
Black in the
Thinking for
yellow flowers
Moon in the sun
Something is
black and white
It was raining
local flies in
little spider
spiders prey on
Street of
local flies
Spider in the
Spider Animal
The Twilight
Morning Sunset
old man doing
Night market
green chili
Old Radio EyeEm
Tower signal
Statue Full
the birds are
Local toys
blue sky lights
roadside pine
rice farmers
butterflies on
Light in the
one of the