Jeanna Danielle


Alice is a dream.
New wedding clothes! Weddingplanning Modcloth
Meatloaf my love Southerncharmkitchen
Face mask night! Forever21 Skinsosoft
I styled my hair I swear! Floridaheat Summersrevenge
Majestic. Love Alice Tuyo!
@mandaroni_ is adorbs
Blurry babies
Espresso for Fridays
Haven't done a cat pic in awhile!
Kyle trying to grade papers. Alice trying to stop him.
Welcome back to Instagram. Here's my cat. Shadowkitty Itlurksinthenight Monster Cat
Gogators !
Sleepy Sweet Kitten
Statue Calhoun Charleston
Blue skies Charleston
Tentacles! Octopi Itcamefromthesea
Sushi Momoyaki Yummm!
Monster Hiding Monstercat
Red hair! Win↑
Omg nomnom Nomnomnom
Brunch with @mandaroni386 with Coffeeculture deliciousness! Springishere
This sandwich is a thing of beauty Sandwiches ! Jimmyjohns Nomnomnom Lunch
Feed me Morning Cats
Somebody loves me @mandaroni386 made me peach cake!
Lovebug! Summerlove
Goodbye 1266. I'll never forget you. You were a good house. I hope your new owners take good care of you. A family lived here and created memories good and bad. I wish the new family all the best. Treat her right!
Where we stayed! Theboardwalkinn Isleofpalms
Hotel room! Refrigerator A /c
Perfect end to a less than perfect day Theletteredolive Isleofpalms
Workspace kitty is distracting Work Catspace Cats
Lizards love me
Selfie Sunday. Bored Waiting
You ain't got no legs Alice!
Overcooked broccoli :-(
Lovely @laurenhostert
Careful around the turns! Gainesville 3tires Vroom
Sushi! Momoyaki
Have you ever seen such a cool moth?
Hey there frand!
Mah man with mah drink!
Fried pickle heaven on a plate. Bluegillqualityfoods Datenight Remindsmeofhome
Tongue 'n Cheek Nomnomnom Bluegillqualityfoods Gainesville Datenight
This is mah box. Don't take pictures of me in mah box
The lump. Lumpus Maximus
My lady.
Fall is here! Shipyardbeer Pumpkinhead Floridaissweatyandhot
Florida Godzilla Floridaissweatyandhot
Not dead frog Huge Sneaky
Today on nature time Turtles
Cat on a hot roof. Thesouth
Uf lizard. UF LastDay Waiting onmyride
Pizza. Because yum. Biglous Pizza
Don't take pics! @mandaroni386
Thanks for bday decorations @laurenhostert
Bday dinner picnic Picnic Floridaissweatyandhot
Glitter claw! Glitterbombs
Birthday Jjampong! Yummy Spicyfood Momoyaki Koreanfood
Yummy delishous. Sushi
Fox cat! Scout, the prince. Prettyprince Kitten
Scout and Alice. May not be besties after all. @mandaroni386
Best friends Catfrenemies
Beef pot roast! Housewife Familydinner @mandaroni386 @kyletuck
Hodgepodge dinner. Yummy Everythinginthefridge
Lumpus maximus Lazycat Hotsummer Nothingelsetodotoday
Smile. Grimace.
Shoe pic
Late night snoogles Kitten Cuddle
Cat space Workspace
Break the fast Breakfast EggSandwich Potatoes4lyfe
Milk cow! Coffee Herd Lunch
Coffee with @mandaroni386 !
First known lizard baby. Do they eat baby bugs too?
We got our phone back!
Romantic romas Foodlove Tooslowatwork
What excellent boiled potahtoes Yummy
Homemade bread! Bakinglyfe
Monster Screwflorida Summer
Good morning!
Boys and vodka and live boys too. Sorryimobjectifyingyou Passionfruitcocktail
Classy ladays Meetmyfriend Drinkingbuddy Classyladyfriend
Music city kitty Adorbs Shadowkitten
Guess who? Momofuntimes
Alice is not amused.
Mmmeerricah 4thofjuly Party Wantsobad
We have mugs. I swear! Morningcoffee Picklejar
Dylan is batman Sushithiefsbeware
This is a phone case. I want it. Happybdaylauren Poor  Notaniphone
Lunch! Deconstructallmeals
All that bread! Carbscarbscarbs
DIY cheese board! Allthecheeseintheworld Nomnomnom
Veggies! Freshandyummy @mandaroni386 @bawdybag @kyletuck
Gurlfrand and manfrand
Porch night with friends!
@kyletuck took me to Thewineandcheesegallery
Treat! Thewineandcheesegallery