Jeanie Zappletini


I'm not a pro photographer; I just strive to find the beauty in everything and try to capture it as best as I can.
Cannon Antique
Ferris Wheel
Catching a
I love my bird
Beetle in a
My cactus
Sun down in my
Magic in the
Sleepy Banana
Venus fly trap.
Playing around.
Fuzzy Little
The baby
Shooting pool.
The bar.
Drinks in bed.
Rusted. Hanging
I love my
Dead tree
It's a Banana
I saw the
The bridge.
Graffiti tree.
Tree fungus.
I found a
The hole in the
Busy ant. Woods
Dead tree.
Love Beauty
My roses are
Nature Woods
I love my
The luna moth
Enjoying Life
Black & White
Dead tree.
I love my
Kitty Love Cats
Sleepy time for
Dock Water
Enjoying Life
Sleepy Banana
Found On The
Sometimes the
Found On The
Comfort Pillows
Found On The
Wine The
Nature Beauty
Sitting on the
My favorite
Sedona Day
Male dobson
Luna moth.
I love when I
Prickly pear
How eye see the
Angles Day Home
Banana kitty
Energy ball.
Energy in
Energy ball.
Love... Spring
Buddy the cat.
Rainy Spring.
Pink dogwood.
After the rain
Blue butterfly.
Wine flies when
My irises are
Margarita time!
Dogwood tree.
Little grape

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