Goodmorning from Chincoteague ! YaaaasRandomBeachAdventures FeelGoodVibes JustWhatINeeded
Random beach adventures with my buddy!
Best friend graduating, aww yiss.
Graduation Gmu
Crazy cloud before yesterday's storm. Thunderstorms Clouds Storm Neatoburrito
Things that @heyitzhema and @cris111tina do to my room so I can't pack up/leave Graduation Moveout LeavingTheSuiteLifeAndCryin4Days
Last day working at LRVC , but at least I get to spend it snuggling with my girl Princess.
A day late, but Happy Birthday to one of the best gals I've had the pleasure of growing up with. Miss you, this sunset, and this island. Cousins  Betterseeyasoon Moretequilaisinorder Forgottodothisyesterdaybutyoulovemeanyway
My parents mail me neat things. Whisky Book
I guess this is a thing now. @sam_dempsey12 @luxurydefined08
Good morning, Springtime . Screen Spring Sunshine
Moulin Rouge! @heyitzhema
Regram from @jfranbobo because @lovecontagiousx is the cutest.
Sometimes you get talked into going to a Ludacris concert. Gmu
Letmetakeaselfie @kirhitibisset @heyitzhema
Sweet Miss Ellie using her manners.
The countdown continues! AllOfTheJackieAllOfTheTime
ActiveMinds at Gmu is having a great benefit concert tonight in Dewberry Hall! MentalHealthAwareness Healing
Mr. Wilson has gotten so big! :)
"You belong among the wildflowers, you belong in a kingdom by the sea. You belong among the wildflowers, you belong somewhere you'll feel free."
I have this neat human who surprises me with my favorite Whisky after a 11 hour shift at the clinic.
Bowling , Beer , and Bros @papapapaclubzz
Finished decorating my cap tonight! Gmu Graduation Travel 2014
Finally checked my mailbox, and look what I found!WeddingOfTheCentury PatalieMillz SpareWuTangFromTheChildren
Teaching the students about trauma healing through Storytelling of the KarenRefugees . What a great day of remembrance in class! Karen Drawing stories refugee
It's a good night for whisky and hometown stars.
What my Dad leaves out on the counter for me when I come home. Whisky Singlemalt Defiant Local nom
Perfecting the Matt Scandalis syrup technique. Breakfast GoodMorningWorld GetYourEggoOn
Rain, rain, go away.
Brunch beer bros.
After years of wanting, I finally bought a NiftyFifty ! I'm also most excited to announce the Happiness Heals Project! This project, a final capstone to my Consciousness and Transformation Minor, integrates neuroscience and neuroplasticity research with photography to discover what ordinary people do to obtain joy, as well as how that can improve our mental and physical well being. If you would like to be a part of the HappinessHealsProject by letting me photograph you, please send me an email at jblanch4@masonlive.gmu.edu. I'm looking for at least 25 participants from a wide variety of age groups and backgrounds. Let me know if you're interested! :) Gmu Neuroscience photography 50mm neuroplasticity
Happy game day, Gmu !
LRVC Girls celebrating the soon-to-be Dr. Gardiner's acceptance into Penn State School School of Veterinary Medicine!
Breaking in the new mat and it feels so good. LateNightYoga
When the guys hack my Facebook to trick people to thinking it's my birthday then show up at my apartment at almost midnight with a birthday cake. I have really great friends :)
Beer tasting and bros at BadWolfBrewery :)
Casually making cleaning history at the boy's house.
Basslights night one with @luxurydefined08! Getting ready for night two :) RaveOn
Because my sister is kind of the best ever. Happyholidays
P.S. you guys I have a bunny now ☺?
Spending the morning around the trails of the preserve with my main lady, Sadie.
Oh hey there, summer afternoon.
Seventh floor thunderstorms. Thunderstorms Sunflowers Hospitals Betterdays
"Being social is hard." Happy Sweet 16, baby :) @nicoledemps18
Seems appropriate on the last day of Onemillionbones
Onemillionbones is going swimmingly! We have successfully covered the mall in over one million bones and have had a great day promoting genocide awareness and education! Can't wait for a full day of speakers and events tomorrow :) Come on out!