jessica bell


love taking pictures and love partying love family and friends fuck stupid bitches and low life guys(:
love me for me baby causd im the realist girl i promis(:
my aunt (: First Eyeem Photo
I love this man so much I know I can count on him for anything he is the best I know he will never hurt me that's why he is my number one and I am his baby girl and he is my dad(: Lovehim MyDad Neverchangehim Nevertraadehim
great night(: @bentleysmoma13 and my amazing dad won 6 games of BP(: Lovelife Lovemyfamily Lovemyamazingfriendsthatihave Lovemyamazingboyfriend
my man crush Monday (: I love you baby Myworld Mynumberone Calebbrown ILoveMyMan <3
angel food cake dont mind if I do(: Yummy Favoritedessert
bout to get a facial yaay so excited (:
my women crush Wednesday is 4 amazing woman that have a big part in mu life(: 1 @christiebell my mom 2 @bentleysmoma13 3 @g_r_i_t_s96 4 @candidavis913
3 bestfriends that I couldn't be more happy to have theybare all three amazing number one is my amazing boyfriend Caleb Aaron and then Jackie and Ty they are so amazing and we have a blast when we are around each other I know I can trust them with anything and I know they have my back I love yall and can't wait tell this weekend(: and of course I love baby Bentley and Calebs kids with all my heart (: @bentleysmoma13 @bentleysdaddy13 @bentleys__daddy13
February 21 made 11 months with amazing relationship its great love our true friends an family that are there for us (: its almost a year(: Calebaaron Andme
Mardi gra and the after party concert seen Wayne toops and earl Thomas great night(: Loveit MyBabyGirl  Loveit @bentleysmoma13 @bentleys__daddy13
at the pavillian seeing earl Thomas and Wayne tools(: @bentleysmoma13 @bentleys__daddy13
I got state(: I'm so excited! !! HeckYeah Workedhard
my baby girl I will. always be there for her no matter I love you (: Jackie nickole you know your mY bestie for life she is my girl no matter what I know she will be there @bentleysmoma13
my baby girl trolled this game but we won cause of me(: but its good we got a good night ahead of us(: @bentleysmoma13 @bentleys__daddy13
@muddaddicts @muddaddicts @g_r_i_t_s96 I feel special being on this page (:
my woman crush Wednesday (: Myrideordie MyBabe MyGIRL @bentleysmoma13
finished(: Loveit Myseaqueen Itssodope Districcompetintionisfriday
my competition mannequin head(: Loveit Seakreacher Sheisdope
my bae momma jackie(: love her hopefullythis night gets crunk @bentleysmoma13 (:<3 MyGIRL RIDEORDIEGIRL
great night so far(: love my new girl and my baby Ann my boy since 5th grade(:
transformation Tuesday 7th and 8th grade to senior year(: Changed Ohlawwd
my favorite love my mom for getting me my favorite chips and french vanilla and and nxt cigarette (: Loveit Goodnight
movie night now that everyone is gone(: we love our life together and I promise no one will mess with it cause I'd have a problem(: Lovemyboyfriend Mybestfriend Myone
yall its Friday gonna be a great weekend(: <3 Lovelife Smile Cross
Transformation tuesday (: me and my sister @candidavis913 Crazygrowingup Changedalot
My amazing mcm <3 march is coming up and it will be a year for me and this amazing guy he is the best father to his kids and a great boyfriend he is the best thing ever we have our differences but we get through everything <3 Lovehim Heisthebest Ilovehim Calebandme
Bitches will come and go but i promise ill never let u backk in my life<3
NO one will change me for me the only thing that will change about me is my last name. Ill stay real and not fake !!! Nobarbie Illbemyself  livelife Norules myownthing
its been 10 amazing months with this amazing person I love you so much Caleb Aaron!! can't wait for way many more years with you(:
love life <3 Goodday SundayFunday Blaaah Cheetah cross ring
my girls(: @boobootha_bear @_brandibry_21 love them(:
beginning of the night..Changedtomanytimes Butohwell
my heats hat he got me(: Loveit Itspink
birthday card my baby got for me(:
tonight is going to go hard(:
today is my 18th birthday and i am pretty happy woke up mom got me cupcakes for the day(:<3 Lovemymom Lifesprettygood Flower
Friday fun(: @g_r_i_t_s96 @billypalmer @aaabrandi_18 @jdhead
blurry but good night @g_r_i_t_s96 and jd head and Tylor I think I can't really tell
great night @aaabrandi_18 and Tylor williams
blurry but oh well!!! @holdenpinder an caleb
Friday pictures (: good might @holdenpinder and my babe caleb he was so not ready for this picture...
what my day is consists of MyDay SundayFunday Yaay
@g_r_i_t_s96 Loveher MyGIRL Cosmetologygirls
my girl @g_r_i_t_s96 Loveher Incos Lovemyhair Myrideordie thisweekendisgonnagohard
new hair(: Dontcare Thanksbabygirl ItsFRIDAY  Bptonight cantwait birthdayisnextweek
JustAnotherDay Lovemeforeme Couplemoredaysitsmybirthday Blahblah
my wcw Nikki Lynn Griffin my bestfriend .... Loveher MyGIRL Loveit RideOrDie
school equals sucks DESPICABLE ME snacks equals awesome!!! Loveminions Birthdayissoon Maybeminioncake ReadytoGraduate
happy new years(: with caleb an his baby girls(: ImSoHappy Ilovemylife Newyears Jan1 mylifeissoamazing
my man crush Monday(: Hejustgotoffwork Hetired Gottalove 16daystellmybirthday yaaycantwait lovehim mwaaah
forgot to upload this one(: <3 love Christmas Lovemeforme Prettygirlsknowwhattodo Blahblah <3
my amazing family with the new member (: my baby caleb @candidavis913
Nana Pawpaw and grandkids @brandi_swagg_21 @candidavis913
my silly ass family(: bellfamily @candidavis913
Merry Christmas first Christmas with my baby (: its amazing(: <3
Jingleball love Miley! !!
my chicks @boobootha_bear @brandi_swagg_21
9 months with this hunk(; @calebbrown Mybaby Myworld MYeverything Manymore loveyoubabe
my girl @g_r_i_t_s96
last night(:
mud bugs tonight!!! (: yaay @g_r_i_t_s96 its gonna be fun my boy is performing
so I have this friend that I miss so much and I'd do anything for her she is the greatest friend u could ever ask for and be jello its cool cause I have her we do EVERYTHING together and she is sweet funny and alot like me I guess why we get along we have never fault or argued unless its about about stupid boys we tell each other everything and this transformation Tuesday is going to my bestfriend my ride or die my baby girl my beautiful girl NIKKI GRIFFIN @g_r_i_t_s96 Loveyoooh Bby Blaash Transfermationtuesday <3
love my boi!!! Galveston Loveroadtrips Peace MyRing (: toung flatbill caleb<3
stopped by the beach to pee cause I won't use a porter potty love my boyfriend to stop(: !!!! DontGiveAFuck Realcountrygirl Lovelife Prettysunset lovethebeach wishitwasntcold!!
My Noam head bestfriend(: hahahha Shefeelinlove Rachettoday Lovemybabygirl @g_r_i_t_s96
My girl @hannahmspurlock blah Loveit Goverment  Toung Perrrttyyy
Love me hate me kiss me hug me idc ill still live my life pretty healthy and have fun(: ill be crazy when I want don't tell me what I can an can't do(: Immeforme Noonewillchange LoveMe Dontcare lovehatters<3
Love me for who I am not who you want me to be!! Ill always be my self no one will tell me different Blah Nike Thoeseeyes OneAndOnly kisskissmwuahh
I hate putting up with bull shit..but all I gotta say is F it<3 I'm Happy Inschool Hateit Bored IDK :/
Calebs cake! !! He was so happy yesterday the party was awesome got shut down by cops but its cool we still had a good time and moved it and had a good night(: Loveit Goodnignt Greatdj Greatpreforments
My job tonight smells good as fuck my jello shots I gotta make(: Sohappy
Lol at who ever snitched about me cheating on a test really we are in high school grow the fuck up and mind your own business what I do in my life in my business no one els but seriously you make me laugh it don't hurt my feelings it funny I don't care! !! Just grown up and leave my shit alone Hateschool Lovelife DontGiveAFuck Snitches  dumbass's needcig cantwaitforthisweekend ROTFLMAO
My girl hannah @hannahmspurlock
Love my bub @hannahmspurlock
Breakfast(: yummy Getting  Energy Back <3 Doubleshot coschick cosshirt blah kinda day
Crazy life love me or not I could care less(: I'm me for who I am If u don't like it well u can turn the green blue I'm me for me not for anyone (: LoveMe Prettyornot Imme Strips
In the studio with my boi csonn doing my song(: Loveit Rappingisfun Whereyouatboi  (:
my woman crush wensday goes out to my baby girl @g_r_i_t_s96 MyGIRL Iloveher Myboothing Mynumberone shemakesmywolrd idhitit dontfuckwithher mwahhh
Forgot a test so I do it the easy way(: Cheater Loveit Tattoo Ink hateschool probabkystillgonnafail blaaah
Don't feel good kind of day...:/ Wannagohome  hateschool Tired Blaaaah
Playing xbox yaay(;
Transformation Tuesday! !! From baby to know(: growing up haha Blaah Fatbaby Seniornow Loveit bored
Man Crush Monday is my Daddy!!!! My number one go to person he is always there no matter what!!!! Love you daddy!!!
I love my baby girl(: @g_r_i_t_s96 MyBabyGirl  RideOrDie Baby Shefine sheratchetonmonday
In cosmetology boring hate book work:( Myjob Loveit Hairmakeup Loveit
My team for life!!! <3 Dallas Cowboys
Holiday mood yaay(: school mood Ughhhh:( Christmashurry Lovemylife  <3
First game i have ever trolled in and it means never make a cup the hole game!!! @g_r_i_t_s96 Lolitwasfunny Lastnightwazawesome GreatNight
My girl @g_r_i_t_s96
Love my girl @g_r_i_t_s96
Poudy face and happy face @g_r_i_t_s96
<3 my girl @g_r_i_t_s96
Blaaah (: @g_r_i_t_s96
My babygirl @g_r_i_t_s96
My girl @g_r_i_t_s96
Getting this for my 18th birthday already have one but want this one also and alot more!! Jan16 Cantwait Socute Loveit
I love this life I'm living with this amazing person apart of it... he is my world and he will be by my side for ever(: Mybaby MyMan Ilovehim Telltheend
Tonight in the studio my boy brought in @bentleysdaddy13 and they did pretty bad ass tonight