She loved it. ;)
Strawberries!!!! :)
Mom bought a strawberry plant! Wooooh! Ilove strawberries!
You little fucker! I hate these fuckers!! They're not honey bees!
Draw me like one of your french girls.
Miami! :)
Mmmmmm!!! :D
Perfecto! How relaxing. :)
Homemade french onion soup! Yum Homemade Foodporn Imsogood
Movie night!! :) White Chicks
Pride boat
Crabs are bringing sexy back. ;) Getiton
No this is patrick!
Me and my friends ordered pizza and told them to write a nice poem for us... This is what we got. Bacon Pizza Fail Funny
Its a good Morning to eat breakfast outdoor! Mostly beside the pool!! :)
Beautiful morning! Goodmorning
Fishing time! :D
Nice vintage car!
Froyo Menchies
Just relaxing Relaxbro
Beach Hanging Out With Friends Sand Playinginthesand
Dinner at river rock! :)
Jollibee ube bubble tea! Foodporn Jollibee
Strawberry shake! Foodporn
Lol Playland Pne
Froyo Qoola
Spaceneedle USA Glassmuseum
Ahh! Zombieeee!!!
Border USA Canada
Boathouse! Yum Yum
Date night with my girl. :)
My abroad money. American,Saudi,Philippines
English bay @ boathouse
Sunset at peace arch