The power of pushing a button that stops time for a second to catch life moments as they're running out can last forever
Showcase: February Los Angeles, California 5freeway
THESE Are My Friends Adventures Hiking
Freelance Life Workflow
Beachday Beachlife
Beachday Beachlife
Adrenaline Junkie
My Best Photo 2015 Beachday Beachlife
Portrait Drunkennights Goodnight
Portrait Goodnight
Portrait Drunk Drunkennights Punksnotdead
Goodnight Portrait Drunk
Portrait Goodnight
Chill day Beachday Beachlife
Beachday Beachlife Sunset
Alone in back of the boat !:)
Beachlife Beachday Sunset
Liz  @sarahdees36 Necking Drunk Taken by Oscar
WTF Whosthis Liz  Portrait Goodnight
Drunkennights Mickeys @buffoonvictor Portrait Goodnight
Getsome Hat Buffoon @buffoonvictor
Lovers @sarahdees36 Portrait Goodnight
Portrait Goodnight Drunk
Mini house in progress lol
Portrait ArtWork
Muddpitt 4runner @24mondo
Rooftop @westhall777 @bobcat958 @racheltooshort @indiepete @thenessatron
Offroading @24mondo
Azusa with @24mondo and @racheltooshort