Jaye Pearl


Dance Love Live Learn ...
Freshgreens for a seriously Healthy meal Myarm Takingpicturesoflettuceislame but its sobig and green :-)
Home Byebyehangover now lets see if I can actually eat it :-) Delicious Breakfastofchampions Bagel avocado sausage bacon smoothie breakfast ugh
Dress is from a Clothingswap GoodTimes Random hotel sometimes things turn out betterthanexpected bigeyes unimpressed facialexpressions Nye blackandwhite um sober not unnecessary cleavage pearls ladylike idontthinkso
I think this applies to Mostsituations Usuallyme Hilarious lol the poor Uneducatedhorse funny silly random horse horses chairs jokes joke
Nitro Boards are ready for you! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/923820652/nitro-power-boards-high-performance SUPER COOL TOYS
Anyone need some Pants Badonkadonk Dude where's Mypants denim sisterhood of the travellingpants DAYUM ! I like bigbutts and I cannot lie huge funny lol bertha big booty funny silly illtaketwo jeans whoa sofunny awesome
Well ... Ifitsfree then why not. Could definitely use a Tatoo ! Flashback ThereWasATime I totallywould justin who are those other two? :-P
Bored Hugeeyes
Glad I wasn't 'driving' so I could take a Airplaneselfie while flying over Vancouver Island. If I was I would Crash . Pilot Aviation and aviators milehighclub justkidding...
I THANK YA Dayoff ooh furk ya Brie Wine Thebestcombo lovesnackfood snacking
So Lucky to be able to sit OnTop of a Mountain to Watchthesunset sunset Victoria mounttolmie beautiful bliss best backyard gorgeous sky nofilter nevergetsold adaytoremember
Is it sad that I'm already excited for Halloween and Pumpkincarving ...my previous Pumpkins were Prettysweet imanartist imadork
Last Sushi dinner in Canada before I go be a Crazy Girl in Central America yum food travelling Victoria Chase what youlove
Ummm. Intellectual Agoodlookforme should I get Glasses or maybe Braces :-P
BlackEye my roomates dog slightly whooped my Cheeks Bruisedas Fuck bruised useless me
Dirtbike tha boy can rip...Playingwithtoys Nitropowerboards
Don't tickle your boyfriend he may flail and Mess up your Thumb Justintime for moving ... Whatsnext injuriesrule whoneedsthumbs especially on the righthand ... good thing I'm righthanded and work an officejob
Sometimes Guys get Pedicures  and it's TotallyNormal Men shouldn't be embarrassed pampered gotcha chique fresh noshame you know you loveit toes
Cutestshit mexi puppy Yoda
Lightupyourface with Gladness Hide Everytrace of sadness Although a tear may be ever so near That's the Time you must keep on trying Smile, what's the use of crying? You'll find that lifeisstill worthwhile If you just smile
Way to enjoy a Hammock Nicaragua Relaxation Silly whynot sure solid relax doit legit
Welcome to Guatemala where your Hair isn't as Beachbum Nappy knotted and dry finally able to get girly and feel fresh goodbye Nicaragua its been a slice gorgeous girlfriend kittycat
Going through Summer Withdrawal because as much as I was Readyforrain as an excuse to Donothing Sun is my best friend yourallineed to get by <3
Casual Droid use Beaconhill  Bored Notanymore sunnyday mysunglasses
Guatemala protest for Equalrights and Female Rights in the centralpark apparently festive blue wigs are a sign of support ... random funny getit man wewantitnow
Homemade Meat Pie (Meatpie ) with a nice festive touch! Halloween pumpkinface Jack-o-lantern
Happyhalloween Zebra last minute Costumes seem to Workout just fine zebracostume Halloween dressup
I think my boyfriend likes me Flowers ImSorry Bouquet Lovely beautiful color yesplease
Whyigotowork I guess I don't hate my job Bin4 Guacistheshizz Ilovepickles at work
Guatemala Children already know how to Horsebackride So cute badass horse riding
Lovely bed n breakfast with complimentary Travel Toothbrush and Toothpaste . Oneuse socute travelsize pinkysized
Always Nice when the Sunsets . Watch from the Beach and Admire the beauty because sanjuandelsur is known for amazing Sun rises and sets simple but gorgeous
Tis the Season  for Holiday partys 1920 's ? Staffparty awkwardsmile pearls silkgloves justsimplyripped lights pink lady party ball decor pretty sure dude weird smile workonyoursmile twenties ?
I sat here for three n a half hours Finallyloollikeablackgirl Ilovethesun Itsagoodlife Lounge california tan tranquility
Farewell lovely Lemon tree! Shouldhavetakensome right near Operashouse NBD!
Such a Littlelady miss Mexi is Puppy Doggy Pup roommate cutest cutie cute adorable aww crossedlegs pose strikeapose helloyou
So this Overpriced Hotel left us a nice Peach Chunk in our ice tray. eww discount stat go housekeeping team dirty icecubes for our drinks nothanks notdoinit
My Roommate  and I do things in Style Nbd Onesie iliveinmyonesie coolest badass Mexi got in on the pose love best hosbeforebros style girls cute strikeapose comfort westside youwish losers coolest though ....
This is Ridiculous ... Not a Thief I swear but somehow this has happened upon Cleaning Up my room lighters onetoomany claim your lighter guys I promise I didn't steal them.
Decided I was Lonely so I got myself a Little Buddy to Hangout with snake boa baby so chill not looking forward to the animal sacrifices aka mice and rats live knowyoursnake lol
How long did it take me to Growmyhairout ... my whole frikkin life AfricanHair Nappyasshair but I'm going to have to cut it :-( Whitegirl  hair selfie denim santabarbara California maybe whatdoyouthink confidence vogue hair pretty? helloyou facialexpressions aren't my strong point oops whysoserious serious
Just another Manic Mushroom Frontyard my friend takes Nice pictures with my newphone
First photo with a good phone good riddance HTC hello Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge That's Me Fresh And Clean First Eyeem Photo