Jayden Brunt


awesome, weirdness is contagious, <3 2 bee kewl, n love <3! xb xD = ]
Good morning!
Ice Cream
Ice Cream
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
duck lips! haha! XD
this is my personality! XD .........*luv cuteness, scary stuff,fighting (mood) n more!
so fun! XD
where is my book I can't see!XP XD Hahaha!
listening to cool music! xD haha
whoa big eyes but cute! cx
at the los Angeles temple! xD
so cute xD!!!!
just bored with my cousins! ._.
shes cute n adorable but not real! xC hahaha!
chilling but smiling! XD CX B)
eating great food with great hair!Cx XD
reminds me back in the day playing for swift! (miss it n love it!) xD
wide awake with big attitude! x) cx xD