This is what happens when you take @ablue82 shopping and leave him in the toy section for mere seconds !
Cant believe this is still the same cute little pup. ♥ my big snuggle buddy Bestbud
Wired on sugar SugarRush Toomuchcandy
My two best Valentine's
Maddys daily fashion : wearing a ninja turtle mask , no pants and high heels is totally acceptable
Kids and cats are kinda strange creatures Sleepingbeauty Crazycats
Beating the monday morning blues wih a nice little sled ride Winterlove Sledhead
My handsome boy
Sisterly love ♥
Sleepy kitty .
Cold lazy days and dirty faces These are little things I hope they remember ♥
Bestfriends Cat Dog
Picture does no justice for adrian and his horrible kenny powers haircut Eastboundanddown Badhaircuts
Maddys choice reading material. She says shes picking me out a new sled. Irideaarcticcat
Love of juicing Eatraw Cleaneating Kale Beets cabbage carrots apples
Like father like daughter Irideaarcticcat Ckx Hjc Adrenalinejunkie eveningrides love
My little Sledhead Ckx Irideaarcticcat Adrenalinejunkie 4andwild
I think he's pretty comfy all snuggled by the fire. LazyDog Spoiled Bestfriend MyOtherBaBy
Deep in concentration with her puzzles. Smartypants Puzzleprodigy Quiettime
Christmas day at school. Little cindy Lou who and maddy who refused to wear anything but Xmas jammies !
Ready for the first ride of the season! Snowmobile Girlswhoride Snowbunny Adrenalinejunkie
My ♥'s all ready for their winter dance and pj day.
Mommy's biggest suck. ♥ my big boy Lapdog Sheppard Mastiff Bestfriend
Being silly on a long car ride way to early in the am ! ♥
She loves her kitty.... poor cat
Fuckgreenbay Whodat Saintsbaby
I wonder if marley is trying to tell us something? Free Runaway Wantsnewparents
My beautiful girls at scare in the square. And for all those that know maddy well will understand her costume of her devil/ angel with a black eye lol
Nofilter beautiful sky
Playing dress up is not fun. Sorry kitty Kitty Dressup Softkitty Beautyqueen
Dear shoes you are like children and trying to part with some of you is torture! ! Shoefiend Closetcleaning Mychildren Horder heels boots flats love psychotic
Really proud of maddy running for terry fox. Little confused as to who allysa is and why she running for her lol Proudmama Soconfused
Adding to my Owl collection. Amazing new necklace made by fantastic sis in law thanks @tyralb I absolutely love it !
TBT  @shellster02 Gangsters Vintage Friends goodtimes
TBT  old photos are fun ! So young! GoodTimes Goodfriends Tobe19again
SundayFunday Caramelapples Family Love
Falldays Family SundayFunday Love applepicking
Cute dad award this morning goes to @ablue82 for the Mickeymouse pancakes he made for the girls for Breakfast 1dad 1husband mmm cute
Devil kitty not impressed after his bath. Bathtime Kittycat Devil Wet meow HimalayanSiamese
The thing the girls do to this poor dog Princesspup Genderidenity Crazykids Notimpressed
Lobster races Yummy Sorrylittleguy Lobster
Me and my girl Love Beauty Mybestfriend Daughter lovelife marley gifted
No comment @ddelafos Brother Crazy Pinkalicious  Notimpressed nieces embarrassed nerd
Dr office hijinx Crazykids MyLoves Mylife Stickers sillyfaces
Bestfriends KittyCats Socute Lazydays
Dressupkitty Kittycat Dressup Crazykids
My husband is corrupting my daughter with Greenbay apparel Cheesehead Greenbaysucks
Ice cream face Socute Icecreamfaces