Free Jewelz 


I should be on top of the world , just chillin' here ...
" muggin me , you know im muggin back . " - missing my B.F so much tonight , sleeping in his shirt
good morning on my way to court .
Goodmorning yall - omw to school
I need to hit the gym im gettin big .
You seen all my mistakes ... So look me in my eyes ...
Its my birthday ... Its my birthday Bad Bitch Contest Im In First Place ;)
Almost 1 more day until my birthday - January 2Oth
fuck them other niggas cause im DOWN for my nigga ! I <3 my boyfriend
PreBirthday Gift From My Bestfriend In The WHOLE WIDE WORLD i lovee my girl <33
I like the way this edited thoo.
lol but I was too hype this day in school thinking I was cute with them big ass eyes '