Afican-american beauty
Beautful girl rocks!!
If i smile, you should smile As well
Why am I so beautiful??
Start for the I am here!!
Being me!!
Church girl always beautiful!!
Beautiful girl rocks that!!!
Church girl!!!
Posed for the camera! Lol
My twin!lolz
See no evil, hear no evil,speak no evil!!!
Today is my day to do everything I can do and now I am happy to be Jesus' girl! ❤ You christ Jesus! In the name of Jesus amen!
Don't be afraid to show what ya got.
Jesus Love You So Much
Bible Study
Kinda bored so did these faces.
Went to Church this morning!!
What's it's like to be a woman like me???
Spring is coming soon...wearing flats and light shirts.
There is no such a beautiful young lady like me!!!
Maybe just a bit too much...(lolz) But that who I am
Many people don't realized how beautiful I am now then before!!
Hot pink!!
Simply beautiful!!
Don't be afraid to show the world who you really are cuz one day you will be respected! (Deaf rocks the world no matter what!)
Valentine day!!! This was a month ago.
Another book with general information.
Preparing myself in taking the ACT test!!! Dummies like me would want be ready for complex equations on ACT test and how to solve them and secrets to solve them fast.
Bored blowing bubbles...I have to go to sleep early today tmw is my big day!