Jase Hardison


Former NYC PHOTOGRAPHER living back in Texas!
this is MY BUHDDA, well one of many! i enjoy making these lil graphic designs. this was created by me at my job on my phone. Relaxing Photography Of Jhardison
just enjoying this lil dumpy town as much one csn That's Me Photography Of Jhardison Relaxing
I AM THANKSM Photography Of Jhardison That's Me
my ex Adam, was simply beautiful! Photography Of Jhardison
this is part of a monument that sits on the hudson river and be seen while you wait for the Circle Line Ferry to catch a ride out to the statue of liberty out on Liberty Island. this is the Photography Of Jhardison
dsime of Year ONE work i shot.... Photography Of Jhardison
original photo used in my business card. used corel to edit from this image to the one seen on business card That's Me Check This Out
judt me chillin on sofa Relaxing That's Me
my nyc business card.and yes,thats me in photo. original photo will be posted next. That's Me
took this with buddy in nyc snd since i designed it has been passsed alll over the internet Check This Out