Jammi Demegillo


Life. VSCO Photooftheday
Rainbow! VSCO
Grapes. Vscom Ilovefood Fresh Fruits
Lerma. Raquel. Enjoying Life Vscocam #vsco
Cali. Ice. Yeah. :3 Chill
Icecream Party! :D Happy Birthday Shiella. Mwah!
Pizza craving. Solved. :D
Medyo joke ang pgpa picture. Hahaha.
Early Morning drive. Blessed day ahead everyone!
Selfie pa!
MassKara. Haha. @rayzbeenshot
Rainy Morning. :-I MassKaraFever
Lunch treat. Haha. Thanks!
Happy Spaghetti Day! @geomelala14
Ntawa q sa mga gka discover q nga pictures mu. Hahaha. @geomelala14
Hahaha daw mga lapsag.Nenedays GeornKellyJam
Happy birthday sa atun nga duwa Geom! Haha. You just dont know how thankful I am to the Lord on how He has been with us through our friendship. I pray that you will grow more in love and knowledge in serving our one and only Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm always here for u amidst sa busy sched nga may ara ka. (wala ka lng kblo). Hahaha! May you enjoy ths day gd. Happy birthday! Lablab. Mwah.@geomelala14
Happy 18th birthday Berlyn! May the good Lord continue to guide you and pour out His love and blessings to you. Palangga tgd ka! And i will always be here for you as manang kag utod sa church. Mwah! Have a blast gd on your birthday! :)
Hello beshy!
Hey ladies! Excited for Patag? Haha.
Chocolates from Japan. Thank you @wiyo_kun. Hahaha. Mwah!
Curls with the girls. :D
Pamahaw sa maulan nga adlaw.
Pamahaw sa maulan nga adlaw.
The Office and my desk. Rainyafternun
Si sushi ni? @geomelala14
Humo. House of the Lamb. @charmedkaye
Way back 2yrs ago. Haha. Mga wla pa ta ni ubra. @ebromelvey
Catching up moments with Ms.Hinigaran. hahaha. @ebromelvey @rayzbeenshot Dinner Laperal
Tuesday. Candidshot Coffeebreak
Jammii. :D Nenedays
Aftershock 101 with the Junior Agriculturists. EarthquakeShoot
Hahaha. Ian! Thanks for the dinner and sweet treat! Tgif Throwbackfriday
Candid. Mickeyhat
Ang baby namun na hapo. :-(
FanGirl. Haha
Haha. Pa una2 ta dako tiyan? BorjistheLimit @rayzbeenshot
WhenBoredomStrikes -_-
C yana ay dalaga na. Haha. ;-)
Hello Bangs Hahaha
Swag Hahaha