Janessa McKnight


Hi, I'm janessa.
Me and maddy before we froze our butts off! Hahah. She didn't want to take a picture:(
Wall twerking after swim yesterday. Hahahaha xP
Yesterday before monster jam;)
Sleep over with maddy!:)
I hate that I have almond eyes. I wish I had big eyes so bad!
My hair after.... SWIM!
Why I don't like swim.... Cap hair.
Sicker then a freakin dog. No school for me
My brother says my eyes look like a dragon....
.....you cute, you cute! And your Australian!!
I got bored and drew a flower
Jerseys pizza with the fam and Alexis:)
My little cousin got cornrolls lmao
That's the cutest picture I have ever seen in my life
She likes to fall asleep cuddling with my back!
I should be a photographer ☺
Gunna go fishing!>_<
There are creepers outside!:(
Her dog literally fell asleep on my feet... Lol
My weird faces Cx
I'm ready :)
Double rainbow!:)
Life's a climb, you have to climb a mountain get tithe other side and get over it:)
Lololol hahaha.
Finally home from the plastic sergeant! About time! ✌
My grandma goes... Try on this dress you might like it... She knows me so well:)
My cousins gayyy haha. xD
Ready for... Nothing:)
Lol on the coach with no make up on still in pajamas....
I'm just a girl not trying to get hurt. Hangin in there and just tryin to have fun:)
His widdo face is so cute!!:))
Cuddling with this little guy<333
Breakfast in bed mmmefferr:) thanks mom<3
My oh my gosh I'm so done with my hair and everything face.
Happy new years!
The 12 grapes
Last pic of '12 I had some amazing memories but it's time to make more:) 2013 here we come
It's almost 2013! Fuck you 2012!!
Almost done!
Hahahahaha :*
Can't wait for the party to start
Smile through the pain<3
Haha I'm so much like my mommy
My appendix really hurts :(
Throwback:) when we got my grandma an iPad and the back said "your the glue that binds us all together. Without you were nothing<3" an it made her cry, lol love you:)
I was told I look like a teacher and that school is out of session ✌ oh well
Making peanut butter chocolate chip croissants