Jamie Roach

Instagram @jc.rx
Jamie Roach
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Bicycles on street by buildings against sky
Buildings at waterfront
Close-up of cake on table
Close-up of hand holding food
Close-up of ice cream in plate on table
Scenic view of rocky mountains by lake
Scenic view of landscape
Rear view of people walking in subway
Low angle view of traditional windmill against sky
Low angle view of sky
Close-up of bridge over river
View of bridge over river in city
Scenic view of beach against clear sky
Portrait of a man in city
Illuminated city at night
High angle view of piano keys
Low angle view of man on built structure
Firework display in city against sky at night
Low section of man with reflection in puddle
Interior of empty room
Birds in room
Rear view of silhouette man walking in corridor
Silhouette man standing on wet shore against sky
Illuminated telephone booth in city
Illuminated lamp in city at night
Rear view of man walking on wet road in rainy season
Low angle view of illuminated tree against sky at night
Low angle view of flower blooming against sky
City skyline against cloudy sky
Close-up of flag against sky
Low angle view of modern building against sky
Aerial view of railroad tracks
Cityscape against sky
High angle view of city
Low angle view of silhouette people standing against sky
Full frame shot of bridge
View of built structure
Sunset seen through glass window
Cityscape against clear sky
Clock tower against sky
Illuminated city at night