James Schneider jr.


keeping one eye on the road since 1974. www.jhsindesign.com
along the road side.
Main Street view in Park City, Utah
ol' workhorse. still working. Alki Beach Seattle
haven't walked through the market in a while. long way home, after work. Seattle
flakes a fallin. Seattle West Seattle
you don't see a Delica every day. downtown. skeedaddle. Vanlife
It's what's for dinner
miles of this. nice and calm. Utah
might be the last bus i capture here in Seattle. moving in two weeks! Seattle VWbus
making the curb look good. seen yesterday near the office. Seattle
we were out walking around in the rain. just before it turned to snow. pioneer square. Seattle Pioneer Square Light
usually one of these parked at the market somewhere. Pike Place Market Seattle
the take-out burritos were about 3 minutes colder tonight because of this one. West Seattle Seattle
old dodge, curbed downtown Seattle
the weather showed up. Seattle Snow
sunday run. 7 mile loop in West Seattle. Seattle
running trails for miles. Heber City Utah Runners
can't stop thinking about the view. Utah Heber City
curbed downtown. dodged a bus or two to get this one. Seattle
we woke to about four inches of snow in West Seattle. West Seattle Seattle
jury duty. courthouse floors. Jury Duty Seattle