James Schneider jr.


keeping one eye on the road since 1974. www.jhsindesign.com
salad creation number 3,004. seared red meat option. Healthy Eating Heber City
Meanwhile, in Portland. Portland, OR
mountain roads. they go and go. Parkcityutah
we've had fun living at a ski resort for that past few weeks. how often does that happen? Parkcityutah
practice. olympic ski jumping. Parkcityutah
last night's sundown. Heber City Utah
saturday sundown. was a good day. got a lot done. Heber City
along the running trail this morning. Parkcityutah
thing. of. beauty.
there's a legit east coast diner in Oakley, UT. who knew? stopped in for blueberry pie, a'la mode. Oakley, Utah Diner Utah Parkcityutah
post run. cloud action. Parkcityutah
the local loop. Running Utah
beautiful monday morning. nobody in front of me, nobody behind me. Heber City Hebervalley Utah
salad creation number 3,003. Heber City
the beautiful McPolin Farmstead, also seen along this morning's run. Parkcityutah
a little mood lighting for some highway songs. nice night. Parkcityutah
i had blueberry pie, a'la mode. Oakley, Utah. Parkcityutah Utah Diner Food
classic jeep wagoneer. one of my favorites. Jeep Classic Truck
thursday closing was a looker. Heber City Utah
heber valley on a perfect night. Hebervalley