Jamie Young


??? Homemade Pasta
My 18th birthday celebration with HS buddies(June 14,2014)❤️?? Friends Birthday Latepost
Breakfast? Madeleine Milk
Join CBA!!?❤️
Satti for breakfast!!❤️
Mom's birthday dinner❤️
Dinner with friends last night!❤️
Dolphiiiiin??❤️? Animals
Lunch!!?? Racks
Cutie ice cream??
Happy Thursday with them!❤️?
Cute Nutella!!?? Choco
Won an oscars award last night!??
Crazy friends?????
SMITensity volunteers(02.24.14)???
Project pie!!???? Pizza
Last night at Center stage ktv & resto bar???❤️ Friends
S-B-F-T cousins?
Attended BLESED 1 yesterday at ARG theater?
Manaoag trip(Nov. 2012) ⛪️??❤️? Throwback
Green leaders conference at DLSU(Jan. 17-18)???
Meeting earlier at MFC with Ore and Princess!?❤️?
Throwback ?????
First day of 3rd term S.Y 2013-2014??????
With sioti❤️?