jaken haung


I am a student 。I am from Taiwan。I am not good at English , but I want to learn it better !
I am Studying English So Hard . Confused Exhausted Taiwan Beaytiful Chinese New Year Comingsoon
Memories View Sunshine Climbing Tired Fresh Air 28 DAYS LATER
Memories Cows Milk Classmates Relaxing Funny Trap Introduction
Everyday Joy Happy Memories Traveling Friendship Cannot Forget Classmates
Finally Night Traveling Happy Comfortable I must reminisce. Reminiscing Goodnight
Memory Clean a n d... Vague I am happy tonight. I hope that I can Happy Everyday Lives . Night Market
2015  Happy New Year 2015 A new year , a new mood.
Day By Day Alone I want to happy , but I can't.
Vanishing Point Have a lovely Christmas Everyone . View
I feel so happy,becaus it's so Delicious 。 Hoping I can have Happy mood every Moments 。I am not good at English 。?
View Beautiful Relaxing Happy
這幾天都沒去住宿舍 所以每天天未亮就得趕到火車站 雖然一天可能睡不到五小時 但是身體卻不感到疲憊 或許這就是歸屬感的魔力 看著自己的家鄉 心靈覺得很舒暢 但不能再混了 悲傷總會過去 打起精神來吧? Go To School Begrudgingly
The EyeEm Facebook Cover Challenge I want to go . Shine Koreabeast
Studying Black And White Tired Alone
Candlelight Cold Just Smile  and “Keep Smiling, Because Life Is A Beautiful Thing And There's So Much To Smile About.” ― Marilyn Monroe
Today I am so sad. Because I am not have nice classmates,I will adapt them . Train Way To Go Home Myself Sad My new hair modeling on last Friday .
Studying Hard Again Tired I want to play the computer ,but I can't.
Train Fast Go To School
it's food in taiwan 。 Delicious
chemistry Studying Hard
This perso is me 。。。 People Turely Myself  First Eyeem Photo