Jai Ramsay


2018 ZCON
1976 Datsun 280
Fiona, Bearded
Fiona and Big
Lucky Laying
Lissa and
Flower Flower
Lissa, service
wild white
green tree frog
cat playing in
bee on flower
bee Flower Bee
Driving on Road
ZCON, Lissa,
Injured frog
At ZCON, back
Azalea Flower
Butterfly on
Datsun 280 Z
Lissa, service
Lissa Service
Blanket flower,
Late summer bee
1976 Datsu n
Dalmatian EyeEm
Deanna on
swimming in
Two Butterflies
Lissa won Best
Datsun 280Z Old
sleepy Lissa
Green Frog Frog
Writing Spider
Citrene Black
Dog friends
White Dog Dog
Pets West
Butterfly Green
Queen Anne's
just now Tree
praying mantis
found by my
Wasp hiding
Praying Mantis
Orange kitten
Valentine Roses
Lissa Pets
Lissa in White
Lissa smelling
single tiny
flower pot
strange plant
Purple and
strange plant
Blooming Iris
sun thru leaves
weed plant
backs of spring
m' lady Pets
Green Tree Frog
Lissa just
Lissa's tiny
opening page
Lord Byron
Lord Byron book
Lord Byron book
first page
Lord Byrons
Bridge over
Blue Star
Fern Leaf
Green Flower
Hobbet hole
Orange flowers
Blue Phlox
Sunset Sunset
Deanna Troi on
Lissa with
Mr Spock and
Lissa June 2017
Lisa in coat
Lisa with green
Big Bug Scary
Spring flower
Lissa at Easter
Spring seeds on
Tiny spring
first johnny
tiny flowers
St. Patrick's
switch g Blue
snow Snow
snow Snow Cold
ZsaZsa and Ava
Skylar Holding

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