Jaideep Rana


I am a photographer, not pro but yeah who cares. I mainly use my phone camera to take these awesome photos.
boat race. EyeEm Selects Mobilephotography Lifestyles Childhood Creativity Fun Boat Water Racing PhonePhotography Human Hand Water City Men Togetherness Working Paper Newspaper Low Section Business Rainy Season
Electronic EyeEm Selects Mobilephotography Colors Electricity  Electronic Computer Hardware Resistors Diode PhonePhotography Ewaste Close-up
fully manual. EyeEm Selects Fine Art Photography Blackandwhite Mobilephotography Contrast Creativity Manual Gear Car Automobile PhonePhotography Black And White Technology Car Interior Land Vehicle Car Vehicle Interior Close-up Gearshift Lever Gauge Vehicle Part Control Panel
music creator. EyeEm Selects Blackandwhite Fine Art Photography Mobilephotography Fineart Lifestyles Contrast Creativity Fun Guitar Strings Blackandwhite PhonePhotography Guitar Musical Instrument Music Musical Instrument String Arts Culture And Entertainment Woodwind Instrument Musical Equipment Music Style  Classical Guitar Jazz Music Acoustic Guitar String Instrument
fork crossover. EyeEm Selects Fine Art Photography Food Home Hunger Healthy Eating Fineart Mobilephotography Art Perspective Contrast Design Creativity Kitchen Fight Fork Table Close-up Japanese Food Kitchen Utensil Silverware
watch it. EyeEm Selects Watch Wristwatch Dark Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Clock Face Minute Hand Clock Hour Hand Roman Numeral Time Wristwatch Watch Midnight Second Hand Instrument Of Time Clock Hand Checking The Time Deadline Countdown Clockworks
keyboard. Windows Laptop Alphabet EyeEm Selects Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Computer Key Technology Computer Keyboard Wireless Technology Alphabet Black Color Computer Communication Close-up Keyboard Information Text
The Blacks and Whites of music. Piano Music Blackandwhite Blackandwhite Photography Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Musical Instrument Classical Music Piano Music Piano Key Arts Culture And Entertainment Black Color Close-up Synthesizer Keyboard Instrument Classical Musician Musical Equipment Music Style
Tangled earphones Earphones Playing Music Song Tangled Wire Mobilephotography PhonePhotography White Background Close-up
Shuttle. Shuttlecock Playing Game Indoors  EyeEm Selects Colors Plastic Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Black Background Beauty Black Color Close-up Geometric Shape Circle Concentric Shape Circular
Guitar strings. EyeEm Selects Guitar Strings Black & White Blackandwhite Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Black Background Fretboard Guitar Musical Instrument String Musical Instrument Classical Guitar Classical Music Music Arts Culture And Entertainment Woodwind Instrument Jazz Music Classical Musician Desaturated Brass Instrument  Single Object
play it loud. Music Song Entertainment Listening To Music EyeEm Selects Lifestyles Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Blackandwhite Black And White Blackandwhite Photography Technology Computer Keyboard Wireless Technology Computer Communication Close-up Computer Key Input Device Keypad Alphabet Keyboard Computer Equipment Laptop
Eye check up. EyeEm Selects Eye Alphabet Doctor  Eye Check Eyesight Vision Medical Letters Blackandwhite Black And White Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Illuminated Clock Face Copy Space Electric Light Lighting Equipment
Vintage pen. EyeEm Selects Pen Studying Education Vintage Old Close-up Nib Ink Well Ink Dissolving Writing Instrument Handwriting  Fountain Pen Information Written
the injector. EyeEm Selects Injection Medical Hospital Medicine Drug Feeling Doctor  Needle Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Close-up Vapor Trail
Afraid of needle. EyeEm Selects Needle Medical Medical Equipment Injection Fear Reflection Feelings Hospital Instrument Drug Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Close-up
paint cans EyeEm Selects Paint Painting Colors Colorful Tin Container PhonePhotography Mobilephotography Directly Above High Angle View For Sale
clip it. EyeEm Selects Clip Clothing Drying Rope Instrument Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Hanging Close-up Rope Swing
earphones. Monochrome Blackandwhite Mobilephotography PhonePhotography EyeEm Selects Earphones In Ear Sound Music Lifestyles Music Close-up Audio Electronics Audio Equipment
toothbrush. EyeEm Selects Brush Toothbrush Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Teeth Doctor  Medical Essential Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Human Teeth Brushing Teeth  Brushing Dental Health
bulb. Bulb Light House Abstract Electricity  Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Close-up Architecture Pixelated
cigarette Ash Bad Habit Addiction Social Issues Ashtray  Cigarette Butt Danger High Angle View Smoking Issues Close-up Tobacco Product Smoking Cigarette  Burnt Unhealthy Living Smoking - Activity RISK
Fire Fire. EyeEm Selects Fire Fire Extinguisher Safety Health Life Building Essential Aerosol Can Red Studio Shot Close-up
white tiger. Tiger Wildlife Animal Themes Animals In The Wild Animal Wildlife Animal Leopard Portrait Looking At Camera Grass Green Color White Tiger Big Cat Tiger Animal Tongue Carnivora Sticking Out Tongue
Tiger behind bars. Tiger Animals In The Wild Animal Themes Animal Animal Wildlife Wildlife Nature Leopard Pattern Close-up Cage Chainlink Fence Captive Animals Zoo Big Cat Cheetah Tiger Animals In Captivity
Cat family. Leopard Wildlife Animals In The Wild Animal Themes Animal Cat Nature Leopard Spotted Close-up Cat Family Big Cat Cheetah Animal Eye
Tiger Tiger Animal Themes Animals In The Wild Animal Wildlife Animal Wildlife Nature Hiding Backgrounds Full Frame Close-up Petal
milking the cow. Animal Themes Animal Milk Raw Milking Cows Human Hand Working Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Men Standing Close-up Low Section Abdomen Belly
Sad. Animal Themes Animal Sad Feelings Eye Insect Tears EyeEm Selects Life Blackandwhite Fine Art Photography Portrait Close-up Animal Eye Animal Face
the stairway. Metro Streetphotography Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Full Length Sky Steps And Staircases Stairway Footbridge Stairs Staircase Railing Hand Rail
A usual day. EyeEm Selects Road New Delhi India Traffic Mobilephotography PhonePhotography City High Angle View Traffic Jam Rush Hour Taxi Vehicle Yellow Taxi
spider. Spider EyeEm Selects PhonePhotography Mobilephotography EyeEm Nature Lover Nature Insect Jumping Spider Spider Insect Close-up Animal Leg Prey
pen and paper. EyeEm Selects Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Pen Paper Writing Thoughts Homework Studying Education Water UnderSea Sea Sea Life Animal Themes Close-up
Raw tomato on plant. Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Food EyeEm Selects Tomato Raw Plant Small Agriculture Healthy Eating Green Fruit Agriculture Healthy Lifestyle Leaf Artichoke Vegetable Supermarket Tomato Raw Food Organic Unripe Blooming Growing Healthy Food Healthy Food Leaf Vegetable Young Plant
childhood EyeEm Selects Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Toffee Treat Fun Play Child Childhood Togetherness Full Length Sitting Bonding Boys Girls Learning Happiness Sibling Brother
IPL cricket match. Sport Cricket! EyeEm Selects Cheerful Fun Playing India Ipl T20 Cricket Mobilephotography PhonePhotography
A day in metro. EyeEm Selects Outdoors Mobilephotography Lifestyles Colors PhonePhotography Delhi Men Full Length Exercising Sitting Subway Train Subway Platform Passenger Train Train Interior Train - Vehicle Rail Transportation Metro Train
No experiments please.😷 Blackandwhite Death Mobilephotography Perspective PhonePhotography EyeEm Selects Editorial  Mice Animal Themes Animal Science And Technology Experimental Laboratory Feelings Frightened  Backgrounds Close-up Abstract Backgrounds Wave Pattern
The Tomato. Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Tomato Vegetable Art Fineart Shape Dark Vintage Men Human Hand Close-up
Bad weather Red Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Cloud - Sky Sun Weather Nature Sunset Extreme Sports Adventure Silhouette Photography Themes Sky Cloud - Sky Sky Only Meteorology Cumulus Cloud Fluffy Cloudscape Hurricane - Storm
Be colourful. EyeEm Selects Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Colors Childhood School Art Drawing Multi Colored Neat Choice Variation Arrangement Full Frame For Sale In A Row Retail  Close-up Shelves Shelf Colorful Variety Shop Colored Pencil Display
locked out. Metal Iron Lock Key Mobilephotography Color EyeEm Selects Table High Angle View Close-up Rusty Key Ring Old
let's draw. Art Design Creativity Colors PhonePhotography EyeEm Selects Childhood Drawing Fun School Multi Colored Directly Above Crayon High Angle View Education Close-up Colored Pencil Art And Craft Equipment Palette
let's play. Colors Pencil Crayon Home EyeEm Selects Childhood Art Drawing Fun Creativity Directly Above Education Crayon High Angle View Close-up Colored Pencil Art And Craft Equipment Palette Writing Instrument
Thread and needles. EyeEm Selects Mobilephotography Blackandwhite Home Fineart Fine Art Photography Contrast Full Frame Backgrounds Close-up Needle Needlecraft Product Fabric Textile Thread Cloth Sewing Needle Loom Sewing Item Textured
Getting old. Fine Art Photography Blackandwhite EyeEm Selects Sofa Old Fineart Design Art Perspective Lifestyles Pattern Rusty Historic Discarded Worn Out
Finearts. Plant Life Death Flower Fineart Mobilephotography Sapia Weather Autumn EyeEm Selects Flower Head Flower Wilted Plant Uncultivated Thistle Springtime Close-up Plant Sky Plant Life Wildflower Thorn Stem Dead Plant
the sunset Food Sunset Yellow Sun Sky Wheat Crop  Landscape Outdoors Sunset Rural Scene Cereal Plant Agriculture Silhouette Sky Close-up Plant Reed - Grass Family Tall Grass Farmland Ear Of Wheat Shining
The feeder. Spoon Food Water Home Fine Art Photography Blackandwhite Hunger Healthy Eating EyeEm Selects White Background Close-up First Eyeem Photo