Druce Joseph


I am a HUGE fan of anything concerning the arts..music, dancing, photography, art...I'm all in full 100..
Pet Portraits Animal Themes Domestic Cat Looking At Camera Feline
The City Light
When she knows an original Puma Pumashoes Green Eyed Cat Pet Photography
Pets Green Eyes
Radix Beach Resort, Mayaro, Trinidad
THESE Are My Friends Big Mug All Drinks In The Party Crazy Friends
THESE Are My Friends Batchmates Soldierlife River Party
THESE Are My Friends Jam Session Wildin Out
Freelance Life Work Mode Army Life
San Fernando My City The City Light
Nature Trail Scenery Shots San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago
Showcase: November Show Off ;) Cocker Spaniel
Took this while running..lol Sunrise... Good Morning
Fort George Trinidad And Tobago
One Wild Night Trinidad And Tobago
Hands At Work Military Life
Well Turned Out ...Jazzin'
Well Turned Out Music Moment
Sunset Rare Skies
Freedom I Love My City Home sweet Home
Beachlife Freedom The City Light
Having a stretch out...
Frontyard rain view Capture The Moment
Capture The Moment When the funk takes over..... Photosession Dontholdmeback Retroframe
Random backyard photo
Ginger Lillies with an overcast sky...☺
Sport In The City Tai Chi Sunrise in Mayaro, Trinidad and Tobago
Tai Chi Sunrise...Mayaro, Ttinidad and Tobago
Selfie-sort of...trying something ✊
Backyard bonfire....a.k.a mosquito repellant..😁
Soundtrack Of Our Lives Raff Up! This is a Charity event hosted by Raphael Figueroa on a barge down the islands just outside the north western area of Trinidad. Proceeds go towards his charity 'The Tall Man Foundation' for the development of underprivileged children in the field of music, cinematography and photography, dance, etc. Big up to Raff Up! Carnival Crowds And Details
Trinidad and Tobago Soca Music Megastar Bunji Garlin performing "Differentology" @ Sunday Breeze All Inclusive Party.
Lobster...Shrimp..Clam Bits...Caramelized Bananas..Garlic and Parsley Creamed Potatoes...and the opportunity to taste a diversity of grilled meats...Texas de Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago
To think that people actually fell for it..😂..Humor is one of the imperative keys to long life..and short stresses..
Heading to the beach i saw this...could help but take a pic..lol
Glitch How I see my studio when I'm in the zone..
Rincon Waterfalls, Trinidad and Tobago...
Capture The Moment Curves...
Capture The Moment One Woodbrook Place Poolside...Trinidad and Tobago
Capture The Moment Good day for fishing...
Glitch Local beer and iced glass
I Love My City Mayaro Beach, Trinidad and Tobago
Capture The Moment You are on your last drop...you are the leader in charge of an infantry section...my last drop ...is for my infantry section...
Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In HumanityYou can have a great time...anywhere..😊
I Love My City Backyard sunset shot..Pleasantville in the City of San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago.
Glitch Bruhz for lyfe!
Capture The Moment She got poisoned on work by some idiot...but no worry Mischief..all 8 of your pups are alive with new owners..R.I.P...
Capture The Moment It's raining!...and the writing is still there...that truck needs a wash bro..lol
Capture The Moment Raff Up Barge Party..view from the DJ boat.
Capture The Moment Friend having fun with a Bake n Shark sandwich..rated top 5 best foods ever eaten by Bizzare Foods host Andrew Zimmern
Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity Called him 'Ice Cube'...check the eyebrow..😆
Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity My rascals..lol
Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity Found these lil rascals on work...some idiot posioned their mum. All alive and well..😊
Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity You always had me laughing...You will be missed..R.I.P Sugah...
Glitch Focused..
Capture The Moment Focused...
Glitch Jetski Run on the Sun's reflection
I Love My City San Fernando
Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity Peace.....
Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity Dancing has no borders with age..
Capture The Moment My neighborhood sunset..😊
Capture The Moment Scarborough, Tobago
Capture The Moment Sunset @Pigeon Point, Tobago
Sunset at Pigeon Point, Tobago
Time waits on no one....
My place of Zen and Peace
First Eyeem Photo