Jacob Sawyer


He is back! ? He is seriously the funniest guy I know.?? Meltdown @dustin_melton97
Transformation from my chubby cheek ginger days. ?? TransformationTuesday Awkwarddayzzz Like Freshmannow
Enjoying my day out.? I'm gonna look like a chipmunk in a few hours. Youllgetiteventually Dentist Like Follow noschool
I am enjoying this weather so far, who's with me?? Spring Warm Sunny Like
I have a bad cold so I look pretty bad but my sister did absolutely great at her pageant! She was gone all morning getting ready and she looks great! Pageant Loveher Brosis Like follow instapost
If I didnt tag you I am sorry I couldnt remember everyone.?H ad a great time at Guys night with everyone! We learned a lot on how to be a man in any relationship with a woman, whether it be a girlfriend, mom, sister, friend, whoever. If you are not going to a church and you want to, tell me and I WILL make sure you can get there! Hope everyone had a great time! ??
This girl is by far the most important girl in my life. She teaches me things about life I wouldn't have figured out otherwise. When she was just born I was jealous she got a the attention, but she is seriously one of the greatest gifts in my life. She isn't gonna see this, but I do love her.?? Bigbrotherlittlesister Iloveher Lookalike Protector like follow bestfriend
We look so much alike.??Dad Shawty Like Follow church height fathersontime
Bout time I got a hair cut.?✌ Shorthair Blonde BlueEyes Like follow
What my one eyed snowman lacks in beauty, it makes up for it in size.??
What 10-11 of my Saturday consisted of... Mattress anyone? :D