Izhak Tubali


An evening, by
lovely Sunset.
Amazing Sunset.
Twilight time.
The Sea is
Strange Nature.
Almond Flowers.
Cloudy Evening.
By the Sea.
The clouds, and
The Rain, will
An Almond
Growing ,at the
After a Rainy
The renewal, in
Blue flower.
Little blue.
The blue Field.
A Cloudy day.
At the Dunes.
Beautiful day,
An evening, by
Against, the
Almond Flowers
Growing at the
Growing, at the
The lonely
The beauty of
The beauty of
An evening by
Waching, the
Sunset . Sea
The Dunes, and
The way to the
Amazing Nature.
The beauty of
Waiting for the
The Seagull,
After, a rainy
A Rose, for
The way to the
Walking by the
Beautiful day.
Blue sky. Sand
a Cloudy Day.
By the Sea.
Sunset. Water
Lovely Sunset.
The rain, will
A Cloudy Day-2.
A Cloudy Day.-1
Rechitsa. Beach
Rechitsa. Snow
Rechitsa. Snow
The silence, of
Lovely morning,
The beauty, of
A windy day.
There is a
Came, from the
White Send, and
Egyptian goos,
By the
at the
The amazing
The last
Alone, under
A Rainy Sunset
A drops, of the
There is, a
The way, to the
The tree, with
A Cloudy Day.
The results, of
At the
After, a Rainy
After, the
At the last, of
The River, and
A Snapshot.
The land, of
Lovely Weather,
Sunrise, in a
Alone, at the
The Sunset, and
Israeli Winter.
A wind coming,
Big Flower.
Morning. Flower
A Cloudy Day.
Red Leaves.
The tree, with

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