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They always talking abt no good men, but its no good females too! Fellas beware of those females that's materialistic, only care abt how phat their behind is, weave, partyin, being seen, chasing guys for their status, who spends more time in the clubs, salons, and malls than with their own children. I can go on but u get it. Every female aint a woman, and every woman aint a Queen! Better get u one
Gettin this money ?? Oilpainting JustMe Lovinglife😘
Gm! ? that's me in the pic btw? enjoy today, somebody won't see it?
Who's participating??? ????
Whatsthepoint Goodmorninganyway ?
Watching the legendary Maya Angelou interview with @oprah. These are they type of women I idolize! Not strippers, twerkers, or messy reality star chicks! RareBreed Cutfromadifferentcloth
You will be a blessed month! Claiming it
Caught by @pebs_pure_romance lol
So blessed! About to give thanks and worship! He's worthy??
They all on the bar lol?? @pebs_pure_romance the things chicks do for shots
@pebs_pure_romance we out celebrating life and no stress!
Having a blessed day! Hope you are too. Live, laugh love????
Brunch with the fam. ???
Right!! They try hard to avoid hitting "like" lol. That's ok, when u get LOOKS, u don't need pic likes lol??
Tasha remember this?
Watching the Heat game! Wechillin Weenjoyeachother Fun ???
God is good!
Talking to my funny neighbor Ms Jean. She always has a funny story. Spend time with ur elders...theyre awesome! Luv her??
No caption needed....
RIP to the GREAT Ms Maya Angelou! Wow !
But u already knew that! ???
An oil painting of me! (Thats why my face and lips? look like that lol ??) DOPE Artistic Art Apps
Lateupload Saturday ??? GN
6flags my girl P??
???? yum
He's just living! 6flags ?
6 flags fun with my people!!! ????? had a blast
Good morning!
Firrre!!! ?????
Out with my girl ?? @queen_tink
My niece???? at her dance recital. so proud of her
Part2 Currentread
Guilty ??? Worknprogress LOL Youtriedit dontcome4me
WBW  (Way back Wednesday)
She's the sweetest! Luv her??
I cant ???? omg
Oookkk Studiogangsta lmao ???
Wahida Clark presents.... Currentread Lovebooks Educational Reallife dontmatter love2read