. Selfie
'After the showers!
'After the showers!
'Coffee it is!
'routine life!
'after watching The Lone Ranger!!
'I love these studio lights!
passing through the overhead bridge!
'This place is amazing on fridays!!
'Crazy friday night!!
'They are crazy about football!!
'Waiting for the performer to come and sing!
'Reflections of work on the lying BB Z10!
Morning drink!
'two motion graphics artist pilots ready to take off!! Creative Graphic Design Motion Graphic Artist
'two motion graphics artist pilot ready to take off!! Designing Creative Graphic Design Motion Graphics Artist
On The Road
Taking Photos
Having Fun
Having Fun
Having Fun
Simply a cup!
This is life!
On The Road
Light sprinkling its colors!
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Love for nandos!
Beautiful night view from the roof top!
Ahh its the skating rink again!
Ice skating rink!
...till the sun goes down!
The reason for them to hang is to lit all day long!
Instead of waiting for steak its a good idea to take photos!
Evening at doha corniche!
& it comes & it goes all day long!