Meg Sayon


I dare you, darling. Just you wait
abi nkug sa tumblr ug sa 9gag ra ni mahitabu ning ingani hahahhaha tungang gabie, craving satisfied :D thankyouuuu ❤
kay MIA pa si charming <3 ??
kugihan kaayo mamisita. namisita sya kay naki wifi HAHAHHAHAHA de' joke lang HAHAHAHA
dakog agtang :D
tymingaa Relaxing
wew. fangirling lvl9999999999x
wai salig sa atop -.-
chinkeetea, its been a while :3
karon cge nkog pangita ug burger, sauna snoban ra pirme :3
nag duha nman lng ni ka bulan akong tan lines uyy. pintalan bi :3 JGH ?
paupaw bi! :3 meheheheh
look at me now... im getting papered lalala retrica unoptimized
cuddle buddy or lack thereof
can i have something like this pls? hahahah ?
\m/ Spotify Thescript
hipsta babyy ^_____^
newbie :) just started path.. follow me guys Meg Sayon Path
kay nganu jod dmaulian ang ubo -.-
all the fucking time --. tweet me @AikaMeg
uhaw kay ko sa sinehan kay dli maabrehan ang lintik nga cap. gigamitan pa nako ug vise grip pag abot sa bly para lng mainom. and who the hell is this Bert?
wildlife selfie ??
reunited District00 insert LGKeechan here?. salamat yesterday guyys @arrienkristine @axellalexis, jedd and wenny. sunod napod ??
i know paradise when i see one :) throwback surigao summer 2k14 ?
only oreo ? aaand kikay ?
cold out here :'|
honestly ?
reality ?
jeans nasad kay murag lang ..nag sige rkug sayal :D laguma ug bukton sa bata oyy :(( Ootddaw
youre a potterhead if you can recognize every object in this picture :)) Potterhead
frappe2 pa ang animas murag wa gi ubo -.-
hulagway :) hi.
:| maybe next time
not all those who wander are lost -j.r.r tolkien
JGH. e selfie bi. hahaha hiii :)))
when i woke up this morning..
dont be fooled by the rocks that i got im still, im still @geofromtheblock Sabog hii meet my "salbabida-kada-mangaligo" friend :D Surigaotrip Day4
flaunt that skin ?✌????
monopoding HAHAHAHA
say what? touchdown surigao :D gpahunong ang pampasaherong van kay mag picture sah kuno ang tropa HAHAHA
too lazy to play dress-up. goodmorning, off to somewhere :D Comme des fvckdown t-shirt by galeytemple . thankyouuu and 'course theres shorts underneath uyy jeez. hahaha
mga tao. lastnight at DMPI. :)) had fun. thanks friends ^__^
i got hera. HAHAHA its funny cause i got all these weird parranoias about marriage hihi . So which greek god are you? Artemisuntato
i have my mum's nose, and my dad' eyes. In my face, they're still together. ?? its my mum and dad's anniversary this month :) that one shitty brow tho.
i said im taking you out for a walk. dont just sit there! move you stupid dog!! --. gaah ????
life is about moments. create them, dont wait for them. ROTS BAKI ?
not even hera could make me forget you. Juno Queengoddess been hooking up with rick riordan's books all summarr .. hence the caption . june be good to them heroes :D
every chance i get ! hahaha oh and theres dad over theerrr. say hi papa baaa ! ?✌
Boy, when you're with me I'll give you a taste Make it like your birthday everyday d-.-b katy perry song of the moment ?✌?
naa sad koy bibi guysss :D ??