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What an amazing
okay.....I feel
We walked
Seattle a view
thanks to
a bid farewell
It's not the
when one member
Doc enjoyed his
got to spend
Doc suggested
closing his
Haystack Rock
he heard the
you figure he
ok...let me
Farewell tour
Paul and Babe
Doc's epic
Doc's heart is
final day of
spent the
San Francisco
chin up, old
Invisible Man
happy labrador
Doc slipping in
A second
got my eye on
wish you were
To beat the
Here we have
We been off the
First day of
Hey Doc go get
“You can
if only it was
Did yall
"Casanova: The
The Golden Gate
On March 14,
First time
You need the
your happiness
One of the
I enjoy long
Even the Grinch
End of the
forever young
Back to the
standing apart
If you guys
Camera Obscura
I offically
Doc exploring
Muji is known
Taking a walk
The crowd that
Doc doing a
It was back in
"hey someone
Happy Year of
Happy Year of
“Don’t forget
When you take
This colorful
Doc has turned
I like taking
taking a walk
Has never been
Doc we have to
Was not
Who else in the
taking a walk
I usually don't
wishing yall a
when the sun no
Happy New
The city is
Doc was getting
lets run away
They don't call
Even the house
A 65° December
When burning
Love is the
A salute to all
Is it
When it feels
Hope your
Did somebody

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