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I love adventures ❤ Why not join me Yoga holidays La Gomera 23-30 Apr 2016 Turkey 18-25 Jul 2016 France dates being worked Yogaonashoestring Yogaretreat Yogaholidays Yoga Yogi Adventure LaGomera Turkey Cycling Calisthenics Cardio Strengthtraining Bermuda Islandlife
Nature The great healer The sustainer The constant love in our lives Ishwara Poem Yogi Nature Tobaccobay Bermuda Fitness Yogaontobaccobay Islandlife Calisthenics Cycling Canondalecaad10 Swimming Ocean
It came to me just now The predicament of man Isn't one at all We spend our lives wondering is this what I should be doing with my life ? And all the while we are doing exactly what should be done We carry on the story Or the song It's not about us or you or I It's about the song Ishwara Yoga Yogi Song Continuation Storytelling Calisthenics Cycling Cardio Strengthtraining Weights Bermuda Islandlife Enlightened Expressoonice Coffeeonice Rockislandcoffee Rockislandcafe
As we make efforts to align our life, our actions, our jobs, our friendships, with our soul, with our true incandescent nature, Then we should be prepared to lose even things we have treasured As we as gain access to the temple of our own heart Ishwara Innertemple Innerpeace Nature Truenature TrueSelf Alignment Integrity Calisthenics Yoga Yogi Cycling Strengthtraining Islandlife Bermuda Lotusyoga
Remember the emphasis on the heart. The mind lives in doubt and the heart lives in trust. When you trust, suddenly you become centered." ~ Osho A good Majorcan friend introduced to to my first Osho book. A gift as I was leaving Rishekesh in northern India. People make friends fast when loosened from the habits that keep us secure but boxed in. We would wake with the prayers of the faithful on the holy banks of the glacial Ganges. Practice Yoga from dawn to dusk in a variety of temples, hotel lobbys, garages, river banks Separated by meals of dhal and rice and chai meeting new friends every day , talking of hopes and dreams and yoga and vipassana and love always of love Ishwara ❤ Baseline Bodycomposition Fatpercentage MUSCLEMASS Yoga Yogi Love Friendship Cycling Calisthenics Strengthtraining Cardio Health Happiness
Yoga holidays this year with Ishwara 🌟 La Finca, La Gomera April 23th-30th 🐋 Turkey, Suleymans gardens July 18th-25th 🐳 South of France ( Raw food retreat ) Aug 1st-6th 🐙 ❤ Join me for Yoga twice a day Amazing vegetarian food Meditation optional Ocean and Nature rejuvenation New friendships Time for you ! ❤ Yogaholidays Yogaretreat Yoga Yogi Raw Vegetarian Plantbasedsiet Bermuda LaGomera Canaryislands Turkey France Calisthenics Cycling Swimming
Oh Beloved, take me. Liberate my soul. Fill me with your love and release me from the two worlds.  If I set my heart on anything but you let fire burn me from inside. Oh Beloved, take away what I want. Take away what I do. Take away what I need. Take away everything that takes me from you. Rumi Rumi Love Poetry Yoga Yogi Pranayama Cycling Cardio Strengthtraining Calisthenics Bermuda Turkey Flower Stamen
Lets make today an awesome day ! If you can Give a lot of love Receive a lot of love Let go of what isn't supporting your journey Look into the shadows and the light Find balance Practice some Yoga Sit for five minutes of meditation Be honest Always Open your eyes to what is Open your heart Be Here Now Yoga Yogi BeHereNow Live Love Pranayama Cycling Calisthenics Strengthtraining Meditation Swimming Freedom Discoveruourpath Bermuda Islandlife
Our lives are sacred journeys. They are about change, growth, discovery, movement, transformation, continuously expanding our vision of what is possible, stretching our soul, learning to see clearly and deeply, listening to our intuition, taking courageous challenges at every step along the way. Yogi Yoga Calisthenics Challenge Vision Cycling Cardio Resistancetraining Pranayama Bermuda Islandlife Soul Journey Change Transformation
"Wisdom is knowing we are all One. Love is what it feels like and Compassion is what it acts like." ~ Ethan Walker III Wisdom Love AllIsOne Compassion Yoga Yogi Swimming Calisthenics Cardio Cycling Ocean Islandlife Pranayama Nutrition Raw Plantbasedsiet Tobaccobay
Ok so I am Exhaling hard lol And I'm not sure this is a good look But ! I may as well record Progress of sorts So . I'm a yogi I do daily Asana and Pranayama . I cycle hard most days Swim ... A bit 💦 And in the last three months I've committed to : Daily bodyweight exercises 💪 And Raw food greater than 50% I'm Vegan 5 days out of 7 lol 🍌 And in the last two weeks I've had a few weight lifting sessions The latter is what I am adding in order to transform 🌟 Where do I want to be Mmmm In three more months Harder, denser and more ripped And less fat lol Like so many people That's where I am Physically that is 😉 Record Progress Yogi Yoga Calisthenics Cycling Swimming Raw Plantbasedsiet Bermuda Harringtonsound Islandlife
Since I discovered this poem of a Tibetan Buddhist monk one sleepless night on a meditation retreat in Scotland I return to this poem over and over. I've read it on so many retreats and the reading never fails to connects. ' From the unlocked cage of my heart White doves of love go winging Wild larks of sunrise singing The ice of my heart is broken, broken Joys fountain leaps in the air And all the while no word was spoken I only looked at something fair ' Sangtharakshita Poem Tibeatan Buddhist Monk  Yoga Yogi Calisthenics Cycling Weights Cardio Nutrition Raw Plantbasedsiet Bermuda
What we practice becomes habit ✌ Selfdevelopement Selfpractice Yoga Yogi Pranayama Asana Cycling Calisthenics Cardio Strengthtraining Bermuda Islandlife Raw
I never quite know what breakfast is , but it's always a combination of whatever I have , duh obviously 😉 , out of the following Seeds Nuts Grains Fruits Nut milk Honey I do miss the sour flavour of live bio yoghurt , but I'm using less dairy and checking the results , so this is where I'm at And essentially it's the same breakfast I've had since I was 20years old and left home for university . Raw Fruits Nuts Seeds Breakfast Plantbaseddiet Nutrition Yoga Cycling Swimming Strengthtraining Bermuda Islandlife
My New buddy Moto ! A big softy Rottweiler Alsation cross apparently ! Yoga Yogi Bermuda Harringtonsound Devilshole Cycling Calisthenics Cardio Strengthtraining Pranayama Heart Dog Islandlife
Change is inevitable. Everything is in flux. We all want happiness right. And its tempting to hold on. To put things in place so that this delicate balance that co tributes to our safety and security and happiness doesn't shift . But actually holding on becomes more painful than allowing change. It's in the nature of things, relationships, situations to come together and fall apart. I've lost count of the friends that I know who have cemented themselves into unfulfilling relationships because of fear of the unknown. But acting out of fear of change brings more pain. If we can discover how to make space for change , then our life perspective can shift and bring new light into our lives. If we can allow ourselves the space for change then it becomes something less about fear and more about creativity and new possibilities . So notice , what are you afraid of ? Dig down a little into those feelings, breathe there , let yourself soften there , let yourself be vulnerable for a while around this issue. Notice things are changing already even as you observe. Give you space for new realities . Be here a while. Ishwara Change Possibilities  BeHereNow Fear Soften Observe Yoga Yogi Space Calisthenics Cycling Cardio Swimming Waterfalls Englishlakedistrict Cumbria Immersion
If someone is being hurtful or unkind or petty or jealous or distant or just plain wierd, and unfortunately I've come across more of this in Bermuda, much as I love it, than I've experienced in the rest of my career. Well you don't have to take it in. That's what I'm learning. You don't have to absorb the poison and make it into a big personal drama about your own worth. Because pretty much all of the time it isnt about you at all. Its not about you. It seems directed at you but it isn't about you. Don't own other people crap. Ishwara Detachment Reality Yoga Yogi Cycling Swimming Cardio Strengthtraining Bermuda Islandlife Drama Freedom
Autumn darkness descends on this road I travel alone —Matsuo Basho, loose translation by Michael R. Burch Darkness Travelalone Yogi Love Pain Yoga Cycling Calisthenics Swimming Bermuda Islandlife
The first time I've ever really used the bars to workout It was hard and some muscle groups like my lats feel completely underdeveloped for pull ups. But it's got me wanting to do more. I've been doing press ups and crunches since late December 2015 Now it feels time to expand my workout . I try and for it around a Yoga and Pranayama practice. And cycling is a given , my cardio of choice . Cardioofchoice Cycling Calisthenics Bodyweightraining Bodyweightexercises Yoga Yogi Bermuda Swimming Islandlife
Make living foods Your foundation for joy ! 🌟 Livingfood Lifeforce Vegetariandiet Vegetables Fruits Yoga Calisthenics Cycling Holistichealth Bermuda Islandlife Yogi Dailypractice Nutrition
My first pull ups in thirty years I felt weak as a kitten Thank you @bdoyling for pushing me Lats Calisthenics Bodyweightraining Yoga Yogi Breathing Pranayama Cycling Swimming Bermuda Islandlife Devilsisle
That must be so snuggly and secure What must that feel like ? Mowgli , my boy Comes for his evening connection Mowgli Cats Blackcats Catsinbermuda Catsleeping Yoga NetflixTime Yogi Calisthenics Swimming Cycling Nutrition Meditation Pranayama Islandlife Bermuda
When you need a hot breakfast its hard to beat Porridge of Oats, salt, Chia seeds, Flax seeds and Raw Honey. The reason Chia seeds are. so beneficial is due to them being rich in fiber, omega-3 fats, protein, vitamins and minerals such as (1): Dietary fiber (11g – 42% recommended daily value) Protein (4.4g – 9% RDV) Omega-3 fatty acids (4915 mg). While Flax : High-Fiber Super Foods. Omega-3 essential fatty acids, "good" fats that have been shown to have heart-healthy effects. Each tablespoon of ground flaxseed contains about 1.8 grams of plant omega-3s. Lignans, which have both plant estrogen and antioxidant qualities. Porridge Oats Flax Honey Breakfast Nutrition Diet Energy Carbs Protein Yoga Yogi Satwa Calisthenics Swimming Cycling Energy
Our true self is illuminated within and without when we exert ourselves in the service of others . This is human nature . 🌟 Poppy 😻 Poppy Poppythecat Poppythewilfullcat Catsinbermuda Bermuda Islandlife Devilsisle Yogi Yoga Calisthenics Cycling Swimming Health Nutrition Freethinker
February Transformation Day 29 Yoga should be practiced Barefoot on Earth whenever possible. Earthing or electrical Grounding is a positive factor as it raises body Oxygenation . Earthing is said to reduce Inflammation , Psychological Stress , Muscle Pain . Yoga Yogi Yogic Calisthenics Bodyweightexercises Cycling Swimming Nutrition Raw Plantbasedfood Bermuda Islandlife
In between body weight exercises Mmmm Feelings of bliss Gratitude Bodyweightraining Bodyweightexercises Calisthenics Yoga Asana Pranayama Yogi Dailypractice Graitude Bliss Bermuda Islandlife Health Nutrition Meditation
March transformation 2016 Learn something New 😃 1. Yoga Asana ( Feather of a Peacock - pictured ) 2. Calisthenics ( Handstand balance ) 3. Pranayama ( breath retention X times per day ) 4. Cardio ( run or cycle up and down a hill X times per week) 5. Raw Plant diet ( create a new raw salad each week ) 6. Drink 3 litres water 7. Spend time with friends regularly 8. Practice loving kindness 9. Be honest always 10. Push yourself to new horizons regularly Marchtransformation Marchchallenge Learnsomething Yoga Calisthenics Bodyweightraining Pranayama Raw Salads Cycling Cardio Bermuda Islandlife
The benefits of a double expresso on ice 💪❤🌟 Yoga Expresso  Coffee Expressoonice Nutrition Raw Yoga Cycling Calisthenics Swimming Bermudatriangle Bermuda
No bigger ! Smaller actually ! Could be the poverty vegetarian diet lol But I am getting denser and stronger . Am about to add weights every other day if possible to : Yoga, cycling, calisthenics Avoiding animal proteins Yoga Weights Calisthenics Bodyweightraining Yogi Pranayama Cycling Cardio Resistance  Vegetarian Health Nutrition Bermuda Islandlife
Self portrait Yogi Yoga Selfdevelopement Awareness Fitness Cycling Bodyweightexercises Raw Selfie Bermuda Islandlife
Health is Wealth ! I've recently moved to Bermuda from England As much as any time in my life I am investing in health Through a : 1. diet of plant based food 2. Daily Cardio 3. Daily Yoga and Pranayama 4. Daily strength conditioning However I am uninsured Like many people around the world I can't afford to get sick Like 44 million Americans Who are also uninsured Bermuda is a beautiful island Bermuda is also a very expensive place to live Bermuda Health Healthinsurance Yoga Calisthenics Cycling Cardio Diet Plantbasedfoods Healthcare Pranayama Islandlife
f you can go out of your way to help someone today To give them a hand To share your own love and gratitude Without a thought of what you might receive in return Then you have purified your own heart a little bit more In the process of sharing your time and energy when perhaps your own body and mind was crying out for rest If you made somebody smile today or shared the space while they cried Then without doubt you are deeply appreciated Whether you know or otherwise Graitude Giving Love Yoga Sharing  Calisthenics Strengthtraining Cycling Swimming Bermuda Islandlife
My baby ❤ Konacaldera Kona Shimanodeore front ShimanoXT at the back I changed the front to a Aluminum Rigidfork for more lightness and rigidity Carbonfibre seatpost Edge seat Yogi Cycling Adventure Bermuda Islandlife
Rubbertree Blueholepark Hamiltonparish Bermuda Islandlife Yogi Cycling Yoga Adventure
Babysteps Headstand My FavouriteYogapose These steps are the way I learned Be able to hold each for a minute Before progressing Sirsasana Progress Development Asana Yogic Yogi Bermuda Devilsisle Islandlife
Coldbrewcoffee coffee and Coconutwater Organiccoffee grounds Steeped in cold water for 16 hours , filtered , Servedonice Mellow and Rich Blended with Coconut water Yummy Islandlife Bermuda Devilsisle Devilsislecafe Yogi Yoga
Day 11 February Transformation Pranayama , a led practice . You may know or have read one definition of Yoga as this : ' That which makes the Mind Onepointed ' Implying a state of being which is completely Focused , And utterly Present . And in this being present, we are at Peace . So Yoga is a compendium of Techniques designed to bring the Mind  , through regular and correct practice, to a state of one pointedness or Samadhi . In this state we experience Oneness . Pranayama is one of those groups of techniques. The important thing about practicing Pranayama , and this is the same for all the Yoga practices , is that it is 1. Regular 2. Incremental 3. And that there is no strain involved 4. Practice on an empty stomach and ideally with empty bowels Yoga Yogi Bermuda Island Island life Emptiness
The moments in between ... Bliss Yoga and Meditation practices over the Years ( since 91 ) Have taught me to appreciate the Spaces in between the events The Breath The Awareness The Journey ... The Flow  Yoga Meditation Calisthenics Appreciation Pranayama Emptiness Bliss Flow  Bermuda Islandlife
Love to cycle ! Attack the hills Wizz down Get the cadence and the breathing just right to keep the speed up. Thanks B for capturing this . Cycling Kona Konacaldera Hamilton Bermuda Devilsisle Islandlife Yogic Yoga Health Cardio Oxygenation Heartfitness
Head in a book Always Currently reading 'Enemy of God' by Bernard Cornwall 'Plant based Nutrition for endurance athletes' by Paul Rogers And 'The art and knowledge of Thai Yoga Massage' by Attila Pegan Yogi Dhyanayoga Yoga Books Bookworm Kindle No1trim Bermuda Portrait . Island Islandlife Nutrition Raw
MahaBandha First saturate the cellular body with Oxygen With Kapalabhati or Bhastrika Then After a deep Inhalation Lock the arms In seated posture Asana Then Place weight of body forward through arms through knees ( some place hands on the floor but I dont feel this is right energetically ) Exhalefully Then Hold the breath at the end of Exhalation Bahirkumbhaka Then either simulateously or from Root , then Navel then Throat Engage Moolabandha Uddiyanabandha Jalandharabandha Eyes closed Gaze inwards Behind where the navel is lifting towards the thoracic chest And imagine The combustion Of Prana and Apana Whose directions ha e been reversed by root and throat Locks Notice also the blood pulse Mentally chant Aum Ishwara Pranayama Drishti Mudra Bandha Meditation Yoga yogi perfection Samadhi manipura
Ah the Sweet Glory of Stretching Toes after a day wedged tight into Cycling shoes . Cyclingshoes Shimano Feet Yogi Yoga Relief Bermuda Hamilton Islandlife Devilsisle Longsecondtoe
55mph Westerlies Whitecaps pushed diagonallt beyond the Reef onto the Northshore of Bermuda This taken just metres East of Baileysbay Saltspray soaking me despite trying to hide as I framed pictures Cycling Islandlife Devilsisle
Take some time for you today Timeforyou Put down the device you are holding now Maybe get your favourite Beverage Espresso Put all your Devices , magazines, papers or books away Look at the sky Day dream Daydream And Each time you become goal orientated Goal Orientated Let it go Letitgo Stay in the Flow  Yoga Yogi Island Islandlife Bermuda Relaxation Hamilton Rockislandcafe
Mowgli is my little boy He is a Sensitive Alphamale He is a modern male cat Beautiful Handsome A little bit needy TheBoss ! It's pretty surprising when he makes proper cat sounds Mmeeoww Usually he talks Lovetalk Special language For his human s I love him Yoga Yogi Bermuda Islandlife Devilsisle Cats Catsoninstagram Blackcats
Relaxation time Is the best time . Have you noticed that you can relax even at maximum effort ? . Have you noticed that you cant think and relax at the same time ? . Have you noticed that real relaxation is meditation , we are in a state of flow, flowing awareness . . Relaxation Meditation Yoga Unity Feelsright Oneness Emptiness Flow  Intheflow LettingGo Nothinking Nothoughts Yestolove Bermuda Islandlife Island Devilsisle
Poppy is Love Love is Poppy Poppy is a dancer , an acrobat, a princess and a hunter Poppy loves to kiss Mostly though Poppy is Love Poppy Cats Catsinbermuda Islandcats Bermuda Yogic Yoga Yogi Hamilton Devilsisle Acrobat
Sirsasana pulls the Stagnantblood in the lower limbs back to the heart for Purification .Sirsasana improves the flow of the blood to head region with many related benefits. It tones the Pituitarygland which is the Mastergland that influences the functioning of the rest of the Endocrine glands. It can improve the functioning of Reproductiveglands .It can relieve Headaches .The extra flow of the blood in the head is good for the Eyes and other organs.It can take off the Gravitational pressure from the organs of the abdomen. It can help to relieve piles and hydrocele.During the inverted stand, many internal visceral muscles which do not usually get stretched get exercised.It can help with management of Asthma .It increases general Vitality of the body.Spiritual practitioners use Sirsasana for Sublimating their Sexualenergy into higher spiritual energy called Ojas This ojas enhances the Aura , gives health and vitality, makes the personality brighter and helps in higher spiritual practices
For Maximumenergy eat Rawfoods . Vegetables leafy and roots, Fruits , Nuts , Seeds . In addition Do daily Exercise , Yoga and Pranayama to raise Cellularoxygen levels in order to efficiently use available Nutrients . Cooked foods Rob the body of energy. In more detail To exploit the maximum number of nutrients, the first step is to reduce the energy quantities used in the Digestion process, while the second step is to achieve an optimal level of energy inside the cells for maximum output. This can be done only through eating quality sources of Proteins , Carbohydrates , Lipids , Vitamins and Minerals , with the help of additional compounds found in abundance in raw Organic food consisting mainly of fruits and green vegetables with the addition of seeds and nuts. With Oxygen being a critical component of the entire process, it is necessary to maintain high levels of oxygen and overall oxygenation of the cells. This process occurs naturally when proper exercise is employed on a regular basis. With the proper consumption of green, leafy vegetables, large quantities of Chlorophyll are additionally being imported into the body. Since parts of the Molecular structure of chlorophyll enhance the Oxygenation of the blood, this can be considered an additional way to further improve levels of oxygen. It can be only achieved by eating Chlorophyll rich foods so it is critical to understand the process and main sources of this chemical substance. [3] In addition, food sources rich in simple sugars (fructose) such as different kinds of fruits should replace foods with ingredients containing industrially made complex sugars. This is critical in order to preserve as much energy as possible since Metabolism of simple sugars doesn’t demand such high quantities of energy. Yoga yogi longevity health
Do you know what is the most important thing ? That makes you/me an authentic being . It is That our word is always honest. That we don't compromise this honesty for short term gain or short term ease of life. Honesty Nothing will make us more fully authentic than taking this courageous leap . Lies, small lies, deceipt, poison our souls , corrupt our nature . Can you be fully authentic ? Can I ? There is only one way to find out . Ishwara Yoga Yogic Authentic Authenticity Truth Lies Deception Word Powerofword Island Bermuda Northshore