Michigan native with a passion for images. As of 10/2016 taken with an iPhone 7+, prior with an iPhone 6+ or 4S.
Across the way. iPhone 6+ IPhoneography Clouds And Sky Landscape
Blue sky, barn & evergreens. iPhone 6+ IPhoneography Landscape Hastings
Barn & evergreens IPhoneography
The last vestige of winter. IPhoneography landscape plants
Moving water rarely freezes. This spot has captured my attention several times over the years. IPhone 6+ Creek Scenery Last Snow
Ice fisherman on Shaw Lake. Scenery With A Pond Shaw Lake IPhoneography Ice Fishing
SyFy Sunset. IPhone 6+ IPhoneography Sunset Black & White
As sunset falls. Across the airport. iPhone 6+ IPhoneography
Sunrise on pines. iPhone 6+ IPhoneography Sunrise
Sleepless in Michigan.Awaiting the return of sleep. darkness iPhone6+ Taking Photos
Crystal Crystal drama
Sunset & corn stalks. Sunset country setting country sunset farm landscape
Granddaughter and black light at bedtime. Hanging Out Relaxing Taking Photos First Eyeem Photo Black Light bedtime At Grandmas