Irina Benedek


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The rose.
Traffic in the
Riding the
The view by the
Droplets on the
On the bridge.
The yellow
The butterfly.
Feeding the
Walking on the
The seagull.
Walking during
The CN tower
The water view
Nature in blue.
The skyline.
The rose.
The flower.
Clouds over the
At the marina.
The tree and
Ducks chilling
My Best Photo
The fresh mint
The beauty of
The abandoned
The chandelier
The Grand
A Bosphorus
The purple
The bald eagle.
The pink
The bison.
The beach view.
The Rothschild
The succulent.
The boats.
The zebra.
The Monarch
The Towny
The Barbary
The hibiscus.
The Baboon.
The fiery red
Liatris flower.
The parrot.
Lavender ice
The Spectacled
The Rainbow
The East
The male fawns.
The fawn.
The liliac.
The horse.
The lavender
The marina. By
The couple and
The lonely
View of
View of
The buttercup
The boat. By
The American
White peony.
Lemon and
Bird of prey (
The white
Baby pink rose.
Leafs. Green
The red lily.
The solar
Green. Green
Splashes and
The hybrid tea
Looking through
The gazebo's
The chipmunk.
The pink
The garden.
Th baby blue
The grey
The red winged
The purple
The pansies.
The sparrow.
The bridge.
Deep in green.
The American
The flowers.
The statues.
The reflection.
The orange
The male
The hibiscus.

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