Andréa Biason


mummy, aged to perfection, created on purpose, loved by the one, advocate for the generations
No One In The Corner Got Swagger Like Us
Summer Time Fly
Summer Time Fly
Tito do I look like u
My Heart <3
Nice To Meet You Baby Rael
My Heart <3
Passing down looks to the third generation #lola&izzo #grandmummy #eyeseyeseyes #poutylips #throwback
Growing Up
Game Day
game day grub
The latest addition to my bracelet finally installed. #tiffanys&co #charmcollection #onemoretogo
Getting ready for bath time. #gigglesandfun
Quality Time
My Heart <3
my big-eyed heart-churning little prince
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Daddy And Son
chubby cheeks Smiles My Heart <3 Children
Mag exercise tayo tuwing umaga, tuwing umaga, tuwing umaga.
Watching Hapy Feet 2 w. Lolo Bart
Gaming already, just like his Titos
Mum Sol's birthday
Lola Ed; first roadtrip to Seattle
Lola Cristy
Tita Mary's got the magic touch
Passed out on Auntie Audrey
Hello snow!! I'm readyyy.
Baby boy being chatty while Mommy gets him ready for the car ride