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Less than 2 hours to go before kick off. Go germany! FIFAworldcup GERvsARG Fifa2014
Sunset Nofilter
Goodnight! Elmo Petstagram Petoftheday Dogoftheday dogstagram potd chihuahua
Father's day Dinner! Pizza Fathersday PizzaRepublic
Shopping2. Ting bitay na mao pay pag sweldo @totsie_rol
Candid2 @totsie_rol
Last night's dinner @totsie_rol
Happy Anniversary! Iloveyou @totsie_rol :)
Coffee date @totsie_rol
LED Light Instagramhub Random igdaily instagood instamood goodvibes igersmanila igerscebu webstagram
Birthday dinner. Happy birthday ma!
Naki chinese new year Chinesenewyear TaoistTemple @totsie_rol
Get together with cousins before they go back to japan
Henna Eatsleepraverepeat Sinulog Sinulog2014
You'll be the yin to my yang, and ill be your yang to your ying. Seemingly opposite and contradicting but interconnected and give rise to each other. Yinyang Henna Sinulog Sinulog2014 @totsie_rol
The Sith lord. Starwars Sithlord Sinulog2014 Sinulog instagramhub igdaily eatsleepraverepeat
Prititit! Sinulog2014 Sinulog
Fireworks display after the mass. @totsie_rol
Sinulog2014 Sinulog @totsie_rol
Happy holidays!
@totsie_rol merry xmas!
Wine night @totsie_rol lets do this again next week :D
@totsie_rol Dessert CMYK
A tree fell down on our roof, good thing the wall was strong enough to withstand it. Thank you Lord Typhoon YolandaPh
Yati ra! Depensa para sa masa! Napoles Scamdalous
TBT  Boracay Cloudporn Skyporn
Wine2 pag may time \m/
Wla na perfect sayang naa unta ka prize :) @totsie_rol
@totsie_rol @ilovegm08 @jen_mat Mountainclimbing Fun Webstagram Instagram
Highest mountain in cebu, and we'are at the peak of it \m/ @totsie_rol
Trekking Nature Tagsforlikes Sky Sun summer beach beautiful pretty sunset sunrise blue flowers night tree twilight clouds beauty light cloudporn photooftheday love green skylovers dusk weather day red iphonesia mothernature
Falls Sun Nature Water TagsForLikes TFLers lake instagood photooftheday beautiful sky clouds cloudporn sand reflection amazing beauty beautiful shore waterfoam kawasan waves wave @totsie_rol
Wish a wish a wish wishwish.. 1111 Wish 11 :11
"Opportunity knocks for every man, but you have to give a woman a ring". Happy 8th monthsary b! Iloveyou @totsie_rol
Petstagram Instadog Chihuahua Applehead dogoftheday petoftheday
Picnic2 :) @totsie_rol
Dog Dog Puppy Pup TagsForLikes cute eyes instagood dogs_of_instagram pet pets animal animals petstagram petsagram dogsitting photooftheday dogsofinstagram ilovemydog instagramdogs nature dogstagram dogoftheday lovedogs lovepuppies hound adorable doglover instapuppy instadog
Toshi and Elmo Dogoftheday Petoftheday Dogstagram Petstagram instagramthatshit chihuahua webstagram
Imu mug na starbucks from korea auntie hehe :) @iloveanj11 Starbucks Korea Seoul Mug
For sale :)
@totsie_rol thank you sa spag b haha
Applehead Petstagram Dogstagram Petoftheday dogoftheday popularpage igdaily instagood webstagram
Pwede na b :) @totsie_rol
@totsie_rol ako nndt mn nmu pgka buhat hehe
Thank you b! :) @totsie_rol
Jenga Webstagram Instagramthatshit Instago instadaily bestoftheday @ilovegm08 @kendman19 @totsie_rol
Selfportrait Selfportrait Webstagram Instatravel Instagramthatshit instagood instamood
Chocolate overload! Chocolates Kitkat Chocolate Macadamia almonds pocky
Symphony lights in HongKong HongKong Travel Summer Symphonylights skyscraper buildings cloudporn skyporn instagramthatshit webstagram popular picoftheday photooftheday avenueofthestars instago instabai igersmanila igerscebu
Thepeak Wax Statue Lifelike webstagram travel summer instagramthatshit instago instatravel
Chinese breakfast
Oceanpark Summer Travel Instagramthatshit photooftheday webstagram instagood instabai
Oceanpark HongKong Travel Summer bigaquarium fish hk
Starbucks Coffee HongKong Tsimshatsui hk travel webstagram
Kitkat Greenteakitkat Chocolate
Elmo sleeping while I'm studying Instapet Pawtraits Chihuahua Applehead dogoftheday petoftheday dogstagram petstagram kawaii cute nippon japan hiragana igersjapan
Nofilter Sea Unwind Igaddict igersmanila igerspinoy boracay igerscebu instagood view
L4l Tagsforlikes Webstagram Instagram iphoneography igworld igdaily igerspinoy igerscebu igersmanila instagood instabai
Family picture
Dogoftheday Petoftheday Dogstagram Petstagram pawtraits webstagram instagramhub l4l kawaii chihuahua applehead photooftheday @dogoftheday
Summer Beach Webstagram Instagramhub boat sand seashore
Dessert Foodgasm Dessert Foodporn Webstgram cakes cake chocolate
Oyster Foodgasm Foodporn HappyTummy Delicious oishi
Chocolate Kitkat @totsie_rol @ilovegm08
Sunset Boracay Cloudporn Skyporn sky clouds webstagram instadaily summer beach l4l instago igerspinoy igerscebu
Let's ride into the sunset Sunset Boracay Beach Sea summer webstagram instagramhub instadaily l4l cloudporn skyporn travel igersmanila igerscebu 9pmhabit
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Lobster! Lobster Seafood Food Foodgasm boracay
Wave Surf Wavesurf Wavepool Summer Vacation webstagram instagramhub l4l tagsforlikes instadaily potd photooftheday popular webstagram igersmanila igerscebu
Beach Boracay Vacation Summer
Get well soon Kobe! Lakers Mamba Blackmamba Vino lalakers GOAT LA kobe kobebryant kb24
Welcome drink Boracay Summer Vacation Getaway  crownregency
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