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half Filipino, half Filipina .
Double Trouble. ???
Happy Chinese New Year. ( kung hei fat choy)
Last night. ✌😍✌
I'm not perfect but I'm unique in my own way. PerHalfs
Besties. 😘❤😘 Happychinesenewyear
There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will. Bessies Besties 🐷🐮🐴
Besties... Nakumpleto uli kaming tatlo 😎😘😄✌
Bunga Fallls . 😎😉
Enjoying the scenery. BackLa Falls
KK. Cronuts KrispyKreme
Mr. KK 😋😝😄✌
Kapatiiid. Hahaha lol Horsiebeks
A man with good shoes is never Ugly .
I Got You Baby. 😍😍😍 👟👟👟 Thanks kuya @jhuanvicente Adidas Superstar
Dirty Mirror .. Medyoiwwi
Boys over gay. Hahaha 😄😜😝😝😘😘
Frapp in a bottle.
Thanks for the treat. Haha 😏😘 Thats why i love my ate. 👩
Baluggggs. Hahaha 😂😝 lol AngGandaKo Shemaaay
Mowdeling Pak ! Pak ! Laban para sa Ekonomiya . Pak  Flowers Garden Light
I'm the Difference.
In a color of pink, think got a flesh of little gorgeous! Pinkflower Thanks @iprncsscthrine nabusog mo kami ang sarap . Yum yum . Haha Hobodo uli . More bday to come . Mhuaa :*
Mowdel 5.0
happy kiddo :) at dahil malandi ako . landian kami together. hahaha Bunsuan Cuuute
Viva Los Baños . Viva Bañamos ... 400thfestive cto.
Pak ...
Peace ...
where are you ??? my Shield ..
Reality kills me yet it teaches me to be stronger.
e n o l A
Perhalfs. Nonsense ?1
Pak .!!! Ako na gala kahit nabagyo . Haha Credits: @glsyflores
Happy birthday papa mikks @mikkonatsu . Pakantonin mo nako . Hahaha PhotobombersAttack
CoCoL ...
I'm all about the bay, by the bay . No trouble Hahaha Waley Allaboutthebay Regram TBT  Lowquality
No Traffic . No hassle
MudShake Vodka
I'm Busy busyhan ... Credit: @pricessssa
Miss you all Guys . See you all soon ;) 1DLoveyouall insert: @anglpineda @reynaldbautista etc.