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Throwback Every morning, i'd miss her before i open my eyes to see a new beginning of my day.. Recently im so sicked of her sudden disappearance and i felt im stupid enough to care so much though she didnt really care bout' me that much :'(
Paper Towns. I like the storyline and the author had listed something that i have common with Q. 1. He was incontestably in love with M. 2. She was absolutely unprecedented in every way. 3. She never really asked me any question… Papertowns
Shades, what are they for? To prevent the sunlights from burning our eyes? I have different thought at this. Some say eyes dont lie, and im not that good at shielding my feelings… Shades as my shielding tool to hide my actual feelings from others~ B) Keep calm and shades on! Emo Crappyshyt
Everytime i look back to these photos, it reminds me of her, our times, our moments… i miss her now, my bae~ Throwback Manukan Island Sabah Mybae💕
Enjoy sunset with her :) Throwback Sunsetbar Chitchat MomentOfSilence PreciousMoments Bestoftheday Iwantitsobad
Hi, greeny land :) Throwback Cameron Highlands Bohtehcentre Twoyearsago
Sunset bar, maybe is a good place for sunset lovers? :) Throwback Mocktails Chitchat PreciousMoments Withher Iwantmore
Blue skies, peak view, refreshment :) Rayoflight Throwback Brogahill
Rainbow or rainbows? :) First Eyeem Photo