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This is Chuck, He was given to me by our family vet.. because Chuck owners wants to put him to sleep, forever. Because they can no longer take good care of him. So the vet decided to find a new owner for Chuck, his real name is Gab, but I my Mom change it to Chuck named after my fave CHUCK. anyway, Chuck have an illness that there is no cure he has this problem with his blood that sometimes he has some fungal problem that makes his skin bleed alot. I know it's not easy for him to have this kind of problem but I always make sure he is well taken care of.
My Mom who passed away last July 22 and her beloved shih tzu Pipay Chanel who followed her last July 28. I missed and Love you two so much! :(
My one and only precious treasure in life... the only photo saved from typhoon ondoy last 2009. Enjoying Life