Ian Mackay


Foto-Flaneur!! Strolling Streets with a "camera".

Difficult...... Just as I would with this bicycle,so I currently find it with Eyeem. For me it seems to be very visually erratic,I find mixing liked sites with individual people I follow distracting and annoying. Will continue to try and work with this but some of the enjoyment has evaporated. Black And White Blackandwhite Strolling Streetphotography_bw Flaneur People Watching Social Documentary Streetphoto_bw Street Monochrome
Walk and Talk Flaneur Strolling My BW Obession Monochrome Light And Shadow Snapseed Streetphotography_bw People Watching Streetphoto_bw Street
Seniority Flaneur Strolling Social Documentary Architecture Altphoto Graveyard Cemetery Monochrome Design Light And Shadow
Surveillance Strolling Flaneur Design Social Documentary Enjoying Nature Street Light And Shadow Streetphoto_bw Altphoto Birds
Thinking My BW Obession Blackandwhite Streetphoto_bw Streetphotography Street Photography Light And Shadow Flaneur Snapseed Social Documentary Emotion
Walled Garden Emotion Architecture Flaneur Light And Shadow Design Social Documentary Enjoying Nature Nature Garden Photography Clouds And Sky
Walk and Talk People Watching Social Documentary Snapseed Light And Shadow Flaneur Garden Photography Nature Monochrome Black And White Bw_collection
Penguin Coat Social Documentary Flaneur People Watching Snapseed Street Streetphoto_bw Streetphotography_bw Strolling Blackandwhite Black And White
Unloved Snapseed Black And White Blackandwhite Design Flaneur Architecture Light And Shadow Monochrome Strolling My BW Obession
Penny farthing Snapseed Design Strolling Flaneur Streetphoto_bw Social Documentary People Watching B&W Portrait Streetphotography_bw Bw_collection
In Thought My BW Obession Blackandwhite Light And Shadow Flaneur Snapseed Social Documentary Emotion People Watching B&W Portrait Black And White
Cafe Society Social Documentary Snapseed Flaneur Light And Shadow Architecture Street Photography Streetphotography Streetphoto_bw Blackandwhite My BW Obession
Crafted Memories Design Light And Shadow Snapseed Flaneur Architecture Black And White Monochrome My BW Obession Blackandwhite Emotion
The "Buggie" Flaneur Light And Shadow Design Snapseed Street Photography Streetphotography Streetphoto_color Reportage Social Documentary People Watching
Eras' in Harmony People Watching Light And Shadow Monochrome Flaneur Design Blackandwhite Black And White Social Documentary Altphoto Enjoying Nature
Detail Architecture Flaneur Strolling Light And Shadow Design Gothic Scotland Ruins Snapseed Blackandwhite Black And White
From Nature Light And Shadow Flaneur Strolling Enjoying Nature Design Snapseed Architecture Secret Garden Clouds And Sky Ruins
Open Social Documentary Snapseed Flaneur Light And Shadow Blackandwhite Architecture Clouds And Sky Secret Garden History Through The Lens  My BW Obession
Return Architecture Light And Shadow Clouds And Sky Design Emotion Flaneur Snapseed Graveyard Cemetery Social Documentary
Damage Bw_collection Black And White Monochrome Flaneur Light And Shadow Snapseed Social Documentary Design Streetphotography Street Photography
Garden View 1 Light And Shadow Flaneur Architecture Sanctuary  Enjoying Nature Nature Flowers,Plants & Garden Country Life Garden Photography Secret Garden