Ili Sarah Suhadi


This is my story
I love
Mohammad Lutfeey B. Misnadi
You can't see me now 2015  MyHeart❤ Iamgatalwomen Makeyoumine Broken Heart
She is my best friend Love Best Friends 2015  BirthdayGirl🎂
I wish you can smile to me and love to me like how I smile to u and love u Makeyoumine Broken Heart
you my hope Love MyHeart❤ Mr.
I'm so happy when I can see you everyday but I'm so sad because you ignor me.
Because I love you. I want you know that. Please.
She is my best friend, my sister, my girl, my mom at school, and my superwomen. She always make me smile and laugh. I miss her now. Soon, she will leave me and i'm sad about it. I love you Noratiqah. Best Friends Lovefriend
She really love me and me too 2015  Girldayout Best Friends Lovefriend
They are my foods My Best Photo 2014
I know he not love me but I know he know that I love him so much.. I'm waiting him 4 year and I still waiting ..
Black and white
My Best Photo 2014
Arrgg where my food?? ?
Colour of my life
My love First Eyeem Photo