Been doing freelance photography for 5 plus years. I love shooting anything at random. But I'm in love with B+W, Urban, Street photography
"Future" Life Space Music Creativity Urbanphotography EyeKapchurPhotography
Behind the scenes shots of a friends shot I partook in. Urban Darkphotography Urbanphotography EyeKapchurPhotography
"Order up" Kapchurphotography Urbanphotography Create Los Ángeles Explore
"It's always LIGHT somewhere" Kapchurphotography Urban Urbanphotography Create Los Ángeles Explore Life
"lil bit of LA" Kapchurphotography Sunset Hollywood Los Ángeles Life Urbanphotography
"Refreshed" Kapchurphotography Create Explore Life Live Urbanphotography
"Lost Souls" Explore Kapchurphotography Urbanphotography Life
My sis dog. He is always in my way, saying, "I want a Photoshoot too, Het my good side" lol Pets Kapchurphotography Life Live Explore Create Los Ángeles Las Vegas
Icey. Kapchurphotography Live Pets Las Vegas Life Create Los Ángeles Explore
The dad was aggressive, but friendly. I still stayed clear, unless the owner or kids were present. Ha. Live Kapchurphotography Las Vegas Explore Life Create Los Ángeles Pets
Here is the mom, not sure if I'm a fan of her. Let alone pits all together lol. Kapchurphotography Las Vegas Los Ángeles Explore Live Life Create
These pits were so cute. Well the mom I'm not too sure of. But took this 7/4/14 in LV. Las Vegas Los Ángeles Kapchurphotography Create Life Live Explore
A chilly night out walking the dog..
Give me a camera an ill make anything come to LIFE!
Hummingbird or flower? What does your eyes see? Took this at the bus port. Looking at the trains pass by.
Lights edition shoot I did exploring my city.
No edit. When your vision is blurry but you still can think clearly.
Jus random shooting. Something about "deer in the headlights" shots I like. It's like surprise I'm coming for you... Literally. Lol.
My city, my view every night. Paradise is in ya mind.
He wanted a shoutout. Lol. Fisheye lens.
Was starring at my lighter an look what I saw. Love is everywhere!
Last stages of life, where we sit back and enjoy the life we have lived.
Enjoying life, with friends, families, relationships etc.
3 photo series of life. This is the birth of life. Since trees give us life and are refreshing.
Polaroid added to the collection.
Look closely you will see everything In 3s...
Tree of lyfe.
Took this on the way too work!!! You control your life. Walk the path of success.
Artist take risk. Never stagnant.
Ironic huh. Love finding random weird things to photography
Fight for HIV/AIDS
Mansion party in Las Vegas. But something about her standing next to the monitor works will with her attire.
Fall is here & he is loving it.
Legs & Spotlight
Set of 3s
I love all natural shot. Where I don't need to edit a thing. Here I was at a club, looked up and these is what I saw...
Teach the ground what you learned in the sky.
Paradise isn't just in your mind. Cali living.