Christian Castor


19 | National University - Bulldogs | Mechanical Engineer in the making | Fashion enthusiast 👕👖⌚👞👓
You can never go wrong with denim combo. Mec153PX Denimfashion Light Depth Of Field Fillflash TeamBahala
BTS Photography TeamBahala Mec153PX
LyBag is all you need. Mec153PX Light Pattern Ruleofthirds TeamBahala Productendorsement
The ever famous choco butternut of dunkin donut 🍩 Foodporn Mec153pt2 Nuartapp Light Fillflash Depth Of Field TeamBahala
A transferee helping out his co-transferee student. MEC153 Nuartapp Performancetask1 Elementdistance Compositionsymmetry Fillflasheffect Camaraderie
Food won't break your heart! ❤ Burger Fries! Foodporn Foodphotography Eyeemphotography Eyeem Philippines
Landscape Color Golden Hour Pattern MEC153 Nuartapp Activity1
Portrait Contejour Symmetry Distance MEC153 Nuartapp Activity1 First Eyeem Photo