a wife. a mother. a graphic artist. i also love taking pictures. photographer newbie wannabie 'why hide when you can flaunt it' #idesignmore. davao .
Beauty Redefined hello catty
Beauty Redefined
i love M Mcdonalds Lovekoto My365photographyproject Happy :)
Modern Father the best groupie ever Everyday Joy My365photographyproject Blackandwhite Photography Love ♥ Happy :)
far and beyond Sunset Light Living Life
Make Magic Happen My365photographyproject Darkness And Light Happy :) Blackandwhite Photography Everyday Joy
Everyday Joy happy lil one wearing what she loves most My365photographyproject
Darkness And Light SunDate :) Family bonding with the yoshiokas
Everyday Joy simple joy for my little one with her friends a treat Afterexam
these, ilove Chocolate♡
On A Health Kick black is the new green Tea Time Healthy Cleansing
thank you for guiding me all the way Blue Sky Peaceful View My365photographyproject
no filter all natural Yellow Green Nature My365photographyproject
On A Health Kick breaky healthy Happy :) Rainy Day
On A Health Kick started Happy :) Kelloggs
my lil one My365photographyproject Love ♥ Happy :)
hue blue exhibits me inner security and confidence Happynewyear2015 My365photographyproject Happy :) Colors
my first Happynewyear2015 My365photographyproject
My Best Photo 2014 high five for me Happy :) Happy Birthday! Blackandwhite Photography
My Best Photo 2014 a happy bubbles day for my lil one Happy :) Bubbles
My Best Photo 2014 bubble day for my lil one Bubbles Happy :)
By Candlelight her cake Happy Birthday! Blackandwhite Photography Happy :)
The Five Senses taste good baby? eating the icing Cake♥ Happy Birthday!
Christmas Tree happy days are here again
Christmas Tree this is the season to be jolly
my unica hija MYMP make your mama proud Ballet Dance Blackandwhite Photography
for me one of the grandest Blackandwhite Photography Beautiful YakiMix Davao City
fleeting moments Kids Being Kids Happy :)
red brings love this christmas (no filter) Red DIY Twigs Christmas
Alphabetography mmmmmmmm sunday gloomy morning McDo Rainy Day Sunday
christmas is here again Stars ❄ Snowflakes ❄ Decorations Christmas
for the love of fluppy the dog and flower Orchid Fluppy Dog Love ♥
tis the season to be jolly Snowflake Bermonths Christmas
to you Most High Love ♥ Pray Peaceful View
Technology I Can't Live Without acquired asset more soon Camera Canon Love ♥
Multiple Layers bat about to fly Halloween
Multiple Layers when it's black they flock Happy :) Blackandwhite Photography Doves
Multiple Layers paris at night Love ♥ Mydreamplace Blackandwhite Photography
Multiple Layers my fluppy dog is resting Happy :) Dog Love ♥
Technology I Can't Live Without eric cee do the selfie Happy :)
Multiple Layers welcoming sunrise, good morning buddies from work Officemates
what a BUD day! great opportunities are about to bloom (photobomed by my fluppy dog) Bud Flower Photobombed Dog
prettier than pink Love ♥ Pink
obey your thirst Water Refresh
no filter, sweet Honey
sweet Honey
Sman, Superhero Fascination Toy Blackandwhite Photography
oh those big eyes Bratz Doll Fascination Toy
my lil one Afterexam Happy :)