Lowell, Ma • Nikon D5500 • ☀
I have so many pictures from my trip to the mountains hahaha but i really like this cool bridge
I really want to go back here 💙🌊💙
From hiking yesterdayyy !! 🌲🌒
Smithsonian art museum today!!
Im already annoyed with todayy ugh
I don't want to be in school rn ),:
Back in Washington
Washington was so much fun!!
Smithsonian American History Museum 📺
✈ Checked off the Bucket List ✅😊
Hang in there buddy
Seriously loved my first time flying ✈
Standin the in the middle of the Kangamanga
The lil bro 🌊💙
Going camping tomorrooww! 😊🌲🌌
D.C. had some weird weather. ☀ Goodmorning ☀
🍃 In duh woods 🌲
The babes 🌲
Found this at a little Italian restaurant in D.C. 🔒I think it is soo cute 💕
🔥🔥 G'night 🔥🔥
Night Vision 👀
Missin it already ☀🌲
☀🌲 (Likin the new thing insta can do 😏)
🐸 night time close up
Tb to the beginning of summer, first time being on a plane✈😊 Summer is really over): Buuuuuut hello to Senioryear !🎓😉
🍂 fall has arrived people!!
Liked the blur 👅
When you're bf is just a natural photographer 😉
Summer 2015 has been sooo good to me, im so sad it's almost over 😣
One of the artists from my class hike last week. She didn't understand much English but she was so cute hahaha 🌲✏
I'm so lucky ❤😊😘
Missing summer so bad ☀💙🌄 NikonD5500
Cuties ☀💙 Lastsummer D5500
Pretty kitty 😺🎄💙
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