Ching HUNG 洪靖


Ph.D. candidate & columnist in philosophy of technology and STS, based in Taiwan and the Netherlands.
Rainbow after rain. Rainbow Sky
A cross above. City Architecture Built Structure
兼六園(Kenroku-en)in a sunny winter day. Beauty In Nature Outdoors Reflection Water
How to make a conference's coffee break interesting!
The first snow in 2017. Snow ❄ Winter
A snap of Shanghai night. Shanghai Urban Night
Foggy night. Night No People Outdoors
Today's sunset color, photoed without any special filter. Sunset Outdoors Nature Dailylife
Papers and books to be read on the heater. I wish they could be burned... Dailylife PhD'ing
Fall's green and yellow. Outdoors Nature Tree
It's really fall.
Ready for Taiwan
Who stole the brick? Life
Architecture Historical Building
Architecture Historical Building
Architecture Historical Building
History to the sky. Architecture
I love symmetry! Pattern Architecture Symmetry
Building in Catalonia style
Pigeons all around....
The convention for the 4SEASST2016 conference - did you find the name of the building - CCIB? :)
Very nature-friendly conference - All these are made from recycled material! 4SEASST2016
這是科學博物館!就在研討會場旁邊,想找時間進去參觀 XD
Being in a space station. Metro Barcelona Transportation
Flying for 2016 4S meeting at Barcelona!
Nice coffee shop in the small town.
Geometric subway into unknown future. The Architect - 2016 EyeEm Awards
Various flavoured popcorns, and nice packaging! 最近在學校超市發現的爆米花,包裝非常吸引人 XD
Directions of life.
After having a super tasty bibimbap (Korean steered meat-vegetable rice), I decided to make one by myself! 我真的什麼都做得出來,今天是韓式石鍋拌飯!鍋子在日本買的,只要 500 日元 XD
Really wired installation in Tokyo... 東京看到的詭異(變態?)藝術品…
Nice breakfast. Waiting for shopping.
White city :)
Conferencing with Japanese scholars in philosophy of technology.
The castle in Kanazawa looks plain. 金澤城看起來比較簡樸~
Beautiful day to visit this shinny golden temple :)
Osaka Castle!
The city at a glance.
During transfer to Osaka.
NS always delays when I need to get to the airport...
Very early morning, back in the Netherlnds :)
Give me a (cat's) hand! 咖啡店裡的貓…掌 :) Macro Beauty
Afternoon coffee with a novel that I am invited to review. 嘉義的好咖啡,配上一本受邀寫書評的小說。
Six-piece lens set for mobile photography. 昨天剛買的手機鏡頭組,質感不錯。
Time for blogging - screens, paper books, kindle, and freshly made coffe. 晚餐後的部落格時間。 Freelance Life
Afternoon research doing...on bed. 窩在床上做研究的下午,好亂。
Never expected that I would be a kind of kitchen person: only brought cooking things home after outlet shopping! 專程跑一趟 outlet 結果只搬了鍋具回家(囧)… First Eyeem Photo