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Welcome to my gallery. I am an amateur photographer. All photos are taken by me and copyright protected. Email hstefi@gmail.com
Statue Architecture Picture Frame Sculpted Mural Human Representation Buddha Male Likeness Art Museum Instant Print Transfer Instant Camera Female Likeness Figurine  Angel Jesus Christ Wedding Cake Figurine Pedestrian Sign Museum Golden Color Carving - Craft Product Idol Soldier Art Fresco Historic Sculpture Frame Doll Virgin Mary
Black Background Men Film Industry Defocused Premiere Actor Film Premiere Red Carpet Event Paparazzi Photographer Movie Theater Popcorn Jamaican Ethnicity Theater Actress Fame SLR Camera Roped Off Hollywood - California Celebrities Limousine Photographer Camera Operator Outline Camera Flash Silhouette Film Television Show Stage Theater MOVIE
Studio Shot Communication Colored Background Text Neon Single Word Western Script Close-up Arrow Sign Information Sign Capital Letter Exit Sign Arrow Signboard Arrow Symbol Restroom Sign Road Sign Board Information Sign Information Symbol No Parking Sign Emergency Exit Traffic Arrow Sign
Water Car Wash Washing Window Architecture Built Structure RainDrop Shattered Glass Underwater Window Washer Monsoon Floating In Water Rainy Season Whale Shark Sea Life Wet Coral Clown Fish Drop Rain Dew Jellyfish Rainfall School Of Fish Building UnderSea Sea Anemone
EyeEm Selects Mexican Culture Frida Kalho Blackandwhite Frida&Diego Frida Kahlo Astronomy Black Background Space Frame Photograph Close-up Picture Frame Constellation Geometric Shape Instant Print Transfer Galaxy Astrology Sign Watercolor Painting Emission Nebula Instant Camera Art Museum Nebula Star Field Painted Image Representing Spiral Galaxy Starry
Mexican Mexican Culture Hungary EyeEm Selects Frida Kahlo Iluminated Frida Kalho Statue Child Childhood Domestic Room Stuffed Toy Boys Toy Teddy Bear Sitting Doll Monster - Fictional Character Dinosaur Artificial Intelligence Blue Background Playroom Cyborg Floating In Water Paleontology Prehistoric Era
EyeEm Selects Young Girl Frida Kahlo Frida&Diego Iluminated Hungary Men Business Finance And Industry Incidental People Close-up Passenger Train Railroad Station Platform Airport Departure Area Transportation Building - Type Of Building Train Interior Rail Transportation Public Transportation Railroad Track Train Railroad Platform Metro Train Train - Vehicle Railway Station Subway Platform Airport Terminal Commuter Train Railway Bridge Subway Station Railroad Station Railway Signal
EyeEm Selects Iluminated Frida Kalho MNG Frida&Diego Hungary Reflection City Politics And Government Dome Spirituality Religion History Place Of Worship Sky Architecture Building Exterior Pilgrimage Civilization Amphitheater Archaeology Monument Ancient Egyptian Culture Ancient Rome Ancient Civilization Pyramid Triumphal Arch Monastery Egyptian Culture Mayan
EyeEm Selects Hungary Iluminated Frida&Diego Frida Kahlo MNG Reflection City Illuminated King - Royal Person Crowd Men Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Civilization Amphitheater Place Of Worship Historic Ancient Rome Catholicism Ancient Egyptian Culture Christianity Ancient Civilization Old Ruin Cambodian Culture Visiting Ancient City Gate Temple
EyeEm Selects Reflection Hungary Frida Kalho Iluminated MNG Frida Calo Politics And Government City Illuminated Dome Ancient Civilization Government History King - Royal Person Sky Architecture Palace Catholicism Civilization Statue Christianity Place Of Worship Church Tomb
EyeEm Selects Hungary Hungarian Parlament And Danube Iluminated City Cityscape Illuminated Tree Water Clear Sky Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Bridge - Man Made Structure Cable-stayed Bridge Arch Bridge Urban Skyline Chain Bridge Railway Bridge Railroad Bridge Underneath Elevated Road Hungarian Culture Skyscraper Engineering Bascule Bridge Street Light China World Trade Center Suspension Bridge
Frida Kalho EyeEm Selects Frida Kahlo Frida&Diego MNG Frida Calo Reflection City Politics And Government Dome Statue History Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure Buddha Carving - Craft Product Place Of Worship King - Royal Person Catholicism Sculpture Palace Male Likeness Façade Human Representation Female Likeness Buddhism Royal Person Church
EyeEm Selects MNG Frida&Diego Frida Kahlo B&w Photography Men Senior Adult Senior Men Close-up Cutting Hair Barber Shop Barber Shaving Window Washer Combing Newspaper Butcher Scissors Beautician Razor Hair Care Hair Salon Hairstyle Comb Hair Dryer Printing Plant Cutting Hairdresser Hairbrush
Bored At Home Blackandwhite EyeEm Selects Young Girl MNG Frida Calo Frida&Diego Frida Kahlo B&w Photography Bride Bridegroom Wedding Dress Togetherness Young Women Bonding Men Life Events Human Hand Flower Wedding Vows Ceremony Wedding Ceremony Groom Altar Oath Wedding Ring Veil Married Bridesmaid Wedding
Frida&Diego cropped MNG Autumn colors Frida Kahlo Frida Calo B&w Photography EyeEm Selects Frida&Diego Young Women UnderSea Close-up Male Likeness Bark Full Frame Human Representation Backgrounds Textured  Idol
B&w Photography MNG EyeEm Selects Frida Kahlo Frida Calo Young Women Human Eye Portrait Halloween Human Face Shadow Spooky Women Horror Dark Witch
Budapest national gallery Frida Calo Frida Kahlo Men Full Length City Occupation Signboard Information Information Sign Non-western Script Display Cabinet Text Capital Letter Board Store Window Store Window Warning Written Western Script
EyeEm Selects November 11th Autumn colors Tree Silhouette Architecture Sky Building Exterior Built Structure Star Field Church Cathedral Historic Catholicism Milky Way Star - Space Royalty Emission Nebula Christianity Space And Astronomy Constellation Starry Place Of Worship Renaissance Renaissance Nebula Sagittarius Crown
EyeEm Selects Old Tree Autumn colors November 11th Politics And Government Tree Spirituality Place Of Worship Religion History Sky Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure King - Royal Person Amphitheater Ancient Civilization Renaissance Royal Person Royal Person Royalty Royalty Cambodian Culture Ancient Rome Ancient Civilization Queen - Royal Person Crown Steeple Pavilion
Water Close-up Sky Idyllic Lakeside Scenics Tranquil Scene Non-urban Scene Moored Wooden Pier Tranquility Shore Lake Outrigger Rushing Remote Foggy Mountain Range Waterfront Lakeshore Countryside Driftwood Coast Rocky Mountains Horizon Over Water Ocean Calm Boat Beauty In Nature
Water Tree Reflection Sky Building Exterior Architecture Watermill Cultivated Land Farmland Tranquil Scene Tranquility Non-urban Scene Plowed Field Rice Paddy Shore Idyllic Hydroelectric Power Ear Of Wheat Water Wheel Foggy Oilseed Rape Scenics Remote Countryside Mustard Plant Mill Crop  Plantation Agricultural Field Standing Water
EyeEm Selects Waterfront Ducks At The Lake Reed - Grass Family Fall Beauty Autumn colors Tree Water Reflection Sky Pigeon Bird Duck Mallard Duck Muscovy Duck Perching Spread Wings Flock Of Birds Seagull Beak Duckling Geese Migrating Canada Goose Large Group Of Animals Water Bird Pelican Mandarin Duck Avian Sparrow Swan
Ducks At The Lake Waterfront Old Tree EyeEm Selects Reflection Reed - Grass Family Sunshine ☀ Autumn colors Fall Beauty
Sunshine ☀ Tree Backgrounds Full Frame Sky Grass Plant Green Color Green Leaf Vein Greenery Streaming Growing Flora Blossoming  Water Drop Bamboo Grove Leaves Woods Farmland Lush Bamboo - Plant Spring Pink Hay Bale Stalk Sunrays Young Plant Trunk Grassland Autumn Mood
Tree Full Length Men Togetherness Standing Women Branch Childhood Girls Shadow Bamboo Grove Single Parent Under Long Shadow - Shadow Kid Children Friend Unknown Gender Young Game Preschooler Caucasian Focus On Shadow Paved Little Football Leaves Growing Bamboo - Plant Agricultural Field Autumn Mood
Low Section Men Water Oil Spill Human Leg Standing Human Hand Shoe Directly Above High Angle View Pebble Beach Feet Footwear Trousers Puddle Canvas Shoe Pebble Things That Go Together Stone - Object Stone Tile Muddy Rolled Up Pants Slipper  Human Foot Shoelace Ground Wooden Floor Shallow Sole Of Foot Flip-flop
Tree Shadow Sunlight Silhouette Sky Grass Shining Countryside Streaming Growing Woods Focus On Shadow Tree Trunk Sunbeam Country House Grassland Stalk Hazy  Green Greenery Sunrays Pathway Fungus Bark Plant Bark Lakeside Farmland Long Shadow - Shadow Tranquil Scene Toadstool Autumn Mood
Reed - Grass Family EyeEm Selects Ducks At The Lake Water Tree Lake Reflection Sky Duck Mallard Duck Standing Water Lily Pad Rippled Calm Swimming Animal Waterfront Lakeside Freshwater Bird Ocean Coot Avian Muscovy Duck Mandarin Duck Flapping Mute Swan Floating Black Swan Flamingo Flock Of Birds Floating On Water
Tree Grass Close-up Greenery Blooming Flora Growing Plant Life Branch Green Blade Of Grass Leaf Vein Spring Osteospermum Blossoming  Lush In Bloom Fragility Young Plant Botanical Stem Grassland Petal Pollen Cosmos Flower Foliage Woods Leaves Vegetation Flower Head
Backgrounds Full Frame Tree Close-up Tranquil Scene Snowcapped Textured  Snow Covered Growing Calm Idyllic Bark Dead Plant Countryside Bare Tree Rough Plant Bark Wilted Plant Dried Plant Fallen Tree Lichen Branch Foggy Young Plant Tree Trunk Driftwood Dead Tree Shore Non-urban Scene Remote
Tree Branch Tree Trunk Sunlight Grass Green Color Focus On Shadow Dead Tree Growing Fallen Tree Fallen Tree Dead Plant Young Plant Young Plant Creeper Plant Dried Plant Fungus Mushroom Toadstool Paved Shadow Moss Wilted Plant Driftwood Leaf Vein Plant Life Long Shadow - Shadow Stalk Creeper Soil
EyeEm Selects Waterfront Ducks At The Lake Water Tree Swimming Lake Autumn Reflection Bird Leaf Sky Mandarin Duck Reflection Lake Reflecting Pool Standing Water Boat Salt Basin Salt Lake Calm Swan Rippled Duck Muscovy Duck Coot Reed - Grass Family Fishing Rod Countryside Floating In Water Iceberg
EyeEm Selects Waterfront Ducks At The Lake Bird Water Tree Swimming Swan Lake Reflection Duck Sky Alligator Mallard Duck Flock Of Birds Canada Goose Swamp Black Swan South Carolina Crocodile Large Group Of Animals Duckling Migrating Gosling White Swan Reed - Grass Family Goose Geese Water Bird
Old Tree EyeEm Selects Waterfront Tree Sky Close-up Grass Area Blade Of Grass Grazing Pasture Sheep Damselfly Toadstool Grass Grasshopper RainDrop Growing Full Frame Tree Trunk Dragonfly Tranquility Field Dew Plant Life Scenics Bark Autumn Mood
EyeEm Selects Tree Water Nautical Vessel Lake Reflection Mast Houseboat Waterfront Water Vehicle Tall Ship Pedal Boat Moored Wooden Raft Port Outrigger Gondola Sailboat Rippled Boat Raft Dock Sailing Harbor Motorboat Calm Sailing Boat
Tree Water Nautical Vessel Sunken Moored Pedal Boat Rowboat Lake Reflection Floating On Water Fishing Boat Houseboat Outrigger Trawler Fishing Industry Wooden Raft Commercial Fishing Net Buoy Fishing Equipment Fishing Fishing Tackle Fishing Net Fish Market Anchored Standing Water Recreational Boat Lily Pad Water Vehicle Raft Canoe Autumn Mood
Water Tree Lake Reflection Sky Close-up Monsoon Puddle Jellyfish Rainfall Torrential Rain Wet Reflection Lake Rain Cumulonimbus Hurricane - Storm Alligator Reflecting Pool Swamp Standing Water Flood RainDrop Algae Drop Drenched Under Umbrella Rainy Season Dew Sea Life
Young Girl Waterfront EyeEm Selects Water Standing Lake Men Rear View Sky Tranquil Scene Arms Outstretched Scenics Idyllic Countryside Calm Silhouette Yoga Non-urban Scene Rocky Mountains Lakeside Foggy Horizon Over Water Shore Ocean Arms Raised Lotus Position Meditating Tranquility Remote
Child Bonding Childhood Togetherness Full Length Boys Men Father Sitting Son Paddleboarding Horizon Over Water Kiteboarding Shore Kite - Toy Calm Water Sport Windsurfing Surfboard Surfer Oar Surf Sea Wetsuit Paddling Wave Ocean Aquatic Sport Groyne Single Parent
Sportsman Oar Athlete Rowing Sport Women Teamwork Healthy Lifestyle Adventure Exercising Paddling Sport Rowing Surfing Paddleboarding Kiteboarding Scull Sculling Rowboat Crew Boathouse Regatta Rafting Aquatic Sport Dalmatia Region - Croatia Windsurfing Adriatic Sea Rudder Wetsuit Canoe Water Sport
Oar Men Adventure Sport Healthy Lifestyle Activity Women Motion Water Teamwork Sport Rowing Canoe Rowing Paddleboarding Kayak Sculling Life Jacket Rowboat Golfer Paddling Aquatic Sport Rafting Rapid Water Sport Outrigger Crew Boathouse Scull Golf Club Golf Swing
Waterfront Summertime Police Patrol Police At Work Nautical Vessel Sunken Water Sea Oil Pump Fisherman UnderSea Tall Ship Ship Sky Sailing Ship Fishing Dalmatia Region - Croatia Rigging Regatta Passenger Ship Longtail Boat Sailing Fishing Net Cruise Ship Fishing Tackle Passenger Craft Ferry Yacht Sailboat Fishing Pole Cruise
Summertime Waterfront Oar Paddleboarding Sport Adventure Full Length Standing Sea Motion Challenge Speed Waterfall Horizon Over Water Long Exposure Wave Surfing Paddling Free Climbing Flowing Water Surfer Kiteboarding Shore Footwear Kayak Friend Water Sport Surfboard Surf
Hanging Tree Close-up Fishing Rod Boat Pine Woodland Coniferous Tree Fishing Industry Evergreen Tree Banff National Park  Spruce Tree Commercial Fishing Net Fishing Tackle Catch Of Fish Fishing Net Pinaceae Fishing Hook Trawler Needle - Plant Part Fishing Equipment Office Building Fishing Moored Pine Tree Fisherman Pine Cone
Waterfront Diagonal_symmetry Summertime Water Nautical Vessel Men Sky Bridle Shore Horseback Riding Working Animal Beach Horse Racing Stable Surf Wave Riding Saddle Horse Cart Horse Jockey Pony Horsedrawn Mane Tide Donkey Rushing Horizon Over Water Camel
Diagonal_symmetry Vapor Trail Contrail Airplane Clear Sky Flying Aerospace Industry Air Vehicle Blue Space Exploration Journey Snow Covered Space Travel Vehicle Half Moon White Aircraft Rocket Astronaut Planetary Moon Airplane Wing Moon Surface Moon Astrology Runway Full Moon Satellite Eclipse Astronomy Cold Trail
Water Swimming Sitting Adventure Men Rafting Paddling Water Slide Raft Life Jacket Water Sport Kayak Inflatable Raft Oar Slide - Play Equipment Paddleboarding Kiteboarding Windsurfing Jet Boat Water Park Friend Rapid Shore Surfer Canoe Surfboard Children
Tree Water Clear Sky Lake Symmetry Reflection Sky Fall Reed - Grass Family Standing Water Reflecting Pool Leaves Swamp Salt Lake Lakeshore Branch Cattail Salt Basin Salt Basin Wetland Water Plant Bare Tree Algae Freshwater Bird Dead Plant Lone Calm Reflection Lake Marram Grass Alligator
EyeEm Selects Bird Water Swimming Lake Reflection Swan Swimming Animal Ibis Freshwater Bird Duckling Duck Cygnet Mallard Duck Black Swan Wild Animal Muscovy Duck Preening Flapping Avian Animal Neck Young Bird White Swan White Swan Water Bird Mute Swan Bird Nest Goose Canada Goose Baby Chicken
EyeEm Selects Bird Flamingo Water Tree Clear Sky Colony Lake Sky Safari Wetland Marsh Krüger National Park  East Africa Safari Animals Animal Migration Savannah Antelope Wildebeest Masai Mara National Reserve Wildlife Reserve Herd Kenya Southern Africa Africa Stork Zebra Baboon Botswana African Elephant