Harsh Mehta


Im sexy.. What bout uh?!
Fun in The Winter Sun.. AceCardInAll Funinthesun  Hanging Out Editography LoveTheseThings
Fun In the Scorching Hot Sun ImForUhGirls AceCardInAll
I stand alone, that doesn't mean I can't go all out on uh guys! ImForUhGirls AceCardInAll BizarreThings
ItS mE In UR ShAdOWs.... ImForUhGirls Hangouts  AceCardInAll
Im suRe uH ArE gOnNA fAll iN lOve!!! ImForUhGirls Oneofakind Funinthesun
A SunNY dAY.... WiTH mE On mY waY..... ImForUhGirls Hangouts  Funinthesun
BriNG oN mY oTHer EnEMiES.... Im ReADY foR tHeM siNCe AeONs.... ImForUhGirls Oneofakind AceCardInAll
DaMN TiReD.... LeT Me TaKe ReST.... ImForUhGirls Hanging Out FreakingOutWidFrnz
KiLLeR loOKs.... TewAR kA nAwAAb... Iloveme EnjoyLifeAsHardUhCan ImForUhGirls
I wAnT iT tHAT wAY.... Editography LoveTheseThings ImForUhGirls
Only my Name is enuf to Take uh on!!!! First Eyeem Photo ImForUhGirls