Jaylah Moore


I'm just a foreign girl
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
It's raining
Hanging Out
Duck lips
We just seen the biggest back
Playing around
Chillin with my bishhhh
Guess I'll put this to use
I wasss heeaaa
I'm in my zone I'm feeling it !! This was Saturday !! #Meee #FlyAf #B*DontKillMyVibe
You want a pretty girl , welcome to Sally's world !
Yesterday .. Meee ! #Ponytails #Nofilter #Chocolate
Hanging Out
Sometimes I wish I was in this world alone ...
Ehh , Sally here
5th period !!
Up lookin .. Somebody fwm
Peak-A-Boo Nigha
Nose running , keep sneezing & I'm still cute ☺
It's a blue thing
Gimme kiss
My serious look , I love this picture
Hanging Out
Phuck you & yo A*
Jaylah Faces .. I love my lips
Smile sometimes ...
Mee , DuckLipss #EnoughDuck #LotsOfLips #Gorgeous Lips
That day ☺
Black Beauty ☺
Chilling ..
Yesterday ☺
Hello World