Mona Dee


nativeamerican-27 years young. Mama to four awesome kids! :)
Love this Giiiirl ❤️
Siblings 😜
Little buns
New Glasses, Old Hair.
Rain, Rain 🌦
Flowers for Felix, from Gloria ❤️
Hello, Sunshine. 🌞
There's a spider in there
Demon Eyes
bg, bg
LittleMiss independent
And these guys
Throwing rocks
Foxglove 😍 Check This Out Enjoying Life Flowers PNW Taking Photos Sunset
Lil guy had his tail yet 🙃
This is how small Jayda was when we brought her home.. She was sooo tiny! 😇❤
Is this the end of the world? 😯
I've got those post-vacation blues😳
Berry Cute!
So proud of my sis! 💓🎉 Classof2016 Sister Graduate Love
She's the bee's knees and I love her!
Making Wishes.. 😇😊
Stopping by to say Happy Mother's Day! ❤😇
Say cheese!
My Granny Baby!
Reggie Boy
Mikalah Mouse
Leila Faith
Kory Bear
Princess Kaliya
The Stars are Blind 💫
I'm Batman
She had so much fun this day
Too many marshmallows?
Babe on the beach 😜😍
The Griswolds
Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness
New Politics!
Faaaaalll intooo theeeese arms
2015 school year pictures
Kaliya Bear
I love her to pieces! 😍
Raindrops keep fallin on my head... Washingtonstate PNW Love Springspringing Spring Flowers Springtime Flowers
Calm After the Storm Weather Crazy PNW Washingtonstate
Let it goo, let it go! 🎶 Frozen Elsa Queen Sisters Family Love
My Girls 💗
My Little Mermaid 😊😍
Rainy River Days Hanging Out Taking Photos Relaxing Riverbank Fun Mysis
That time I got to see Fall Out Boy! Concert Fun Fall Out Boy
Jayda Bug turned a year old on Sunday. Time Flies Baby ❤ Love
All Bundled up!
Crazy Hair don't Caaare Beautiful Baby ❤ Hello World
favorite time of the year! :)
Nature Hello World Sunshine Its a Beautiful day!
macky mouse!
that awkward moment when the cashier dude is really cute and you can feel a boggie trying to escape -_-
Sweet Dreams..
@devj29 how about that bottom one, haha!
TBT  @rls180th
Macky Mouse
Jr and Jr, haha.
Reggie Jr!
Yesterday's Adventure
TBT  , lol.
Loling at her eyes
Raindrops on the water
Thanks @glozilla for making these! :D
Valentine's Day Roses
Happy V-Day! ;)
Fall Out Bird! :D